survival knife

Feb 20, 2001
i was fishing and hooked what turned out to be a survival knife the scabbard and knife handle are drab green and it says M9 phrobis III on the blade have any of you heard of this knife and do you know where i can get info on it or where its sold? id apreceate any help! thanx, Erik
They came out some years ago during the Buck bayonet period when Co's were competing to supply the armed forces. Some can be found but don't know if they are even still in business.And welecome to the forums Dredger.

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I sure hope that you have a license to fish for knives, and have the correct punch-card.

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That's what I do with knives I don't like: throw 'em into a river.

I'm reminded of a post I saw a couple of years ago. Some guy took a knife into a shop to have it cleaned up, refurbished, etc. The knife cleaner guy asked where he found it, at the bottom of a river? Yes, it turns out it was on the body of his dead brother who was fished out of a river.

Moral of the story: Don't ask questions.

So keep fishing that hole. There's no telling what else might be down there.

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thanks for the info bob!! glad i stumbled on this forum cause i do alot of fishing and hunting as well as camping ,hiking etc
it will be nice to get some opinions before i buy a knife!! and thanks for the welcomes guys its good to be here! i was surprised to haul in that knife today its in excellent condition im just wondering if i should be getting my finger prints all over it lol
i mean the stream i found it in runs through a graveyard lol should i take this as an omen?? lots of crows around! ah but im not supersticous knock on wood lol
thanks again and till next time
take care,Erik
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He still hasn't told us what he used as bait.

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Besides the bait, I wanna know how much of a fight it put up!!!
Did it stand on its tang and try to throw the hook?
How long did it take to land it?
And what Lb test line was you using?



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