survival sheath

Mar 10, 2002
Well i did it. I shipped off two of my best knives to survival sheath to have a custom double shoulder rig made. Thank God i didnt have to send my vn tactical with them. If i had id be virtually unarmed. Well , maybe not unarmed but it wouldve been tough.
I called and robert called me back quickly, and then proceeded to put every concern i had to risk. I get the feeling if id asked him to make a sheath for my harley he wouldve said something like, "O thats really not hard at all all you do is......"
Anyway ill let you know how it works when i get it.
No worries Swede...your stuff will come back perfectly made and quickly.

You have to know him for a while before he takes advantage of your good nature. Then you become like all his other jilted chicks...he uses us and throws us away for that next notch in his plastic holster.

Hi Rob
Please remember my "Hayes hawk" and "Mission"MPT" combination.
I know that you have probably a lot of work with the beginning war, but if you have a little bit of time.....;)
Well i tracked the package and it got to Rob on friday. Anyone know more or less how long it takes for a double shoulder rig? guess it doesnt matter ive waited almost a year to buy it a few more days wont hurt.
Does anyone here carry their hawk daily in one of these rigs. I plan to carry mine mainly for work but can see the advantages of everyday carry. Are they comfortable enough for me to carry it on my motorcycle on long trips when camping? Any infoo would be helpful.
I have a NG ranger and livesay RTAK combo shoulder rig. But since Newt is making the RTAK any more, Trace rhinaldi is having Humble Bob make a sheath for my new Armageddon. And the armageddon will replace the RTAK in the combo!!!;)

You're probably wondering who the hell I am, but I happen to be the other half of Survival Sheath Systems. Just wanted to let you know, in regards to your order (that we did receive on Friday), it's actually shipping out tomorrow, the 13th of Jan. It will be coming US Priority Mail and heading down to your neck of the woods is taking about 2-3 business days. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Island Cher
I must be hearing things. I thought you said my order that you recieved on friday was being shipped on monday. WHAT??? That is what you said!! I love you guys at survival sheath! Of course now ill be anxiously awaiting my buddy in the little white jeep!! You guys are pros all the way!

You are correct.. you must LISTEN to those little voices in your head... I do! :) Yes, you are shipping out tomorrow. Glad to see you're so pleasantly surprised. Let us know if you ever need any more "cool guy" stuff.

Take Care,
Guess what i found on my doorstep when i got home from work today. A box from survival sheath! I opened it up word..OUTSTANDING!!!! Exactly what i was looking for. Great retention, easily accessed and easy to draw and secure. Ill send some pics if anyone wants me to.