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Survive! Knives Heads Up

Some insight for those that don't know;

The mods do not read every thread.. There is simply no way to do so just to look for people who are breaking the rules.
Most of what we do moderate are from reports submitted. Not a surprise.
So, if someone is selling outside of the exchanges and we don't catch it then it's because we didn't find it on our own or it wasn't reported.
We do have a handy dandy feature to read posts that have been edited though. Mostly don't use it myself.

Carry on- Just thought it was some useful information
You are welcome to ask anything you want when selling. It's up to buyers to decide if it's too high or not. You can't gouge on an nonessential item. It's not water after a hurricane. That 7/7 is worth way more in hand than it was in the bush 2 1/2 years ago.
Would you like to sell it?
Sorry for any misunderstanding, but, it wasn't mine and she sold last Wed or Thursday.
If she was mine, I'd still be trying her out and cutting everything I could find.
Hey, maybe Trump got a hold of a Survive knife and slashed our taxes? :)
GSOs: 3.5 / 6 / 10 all showed up on the Exchange a mere few minutes before this post. Good luck :thumbsup:
I have a Patriot Leather 5.1 sheath and a Survive! OD green 5.1 kydex sheath i don't need anymore. New spec.


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