survivor cute info needed

May 6, 2000
Does anyone know where on the internet I can buy a serated survivor cute at a good price?

Thanks in advance.
uncle knife, welcome to the forums!

I think we may have a language problem here ... by "cute" do you mean 'knife'?

If so, a lot of websites sell 'survival knives' and many of them have serrations. Some on the cutting edge and some on the back of the blade.

How much money were you thinking of apending?
No, "cute" is the name of the knife. I have one (plain edge) they are really good to use, and they hold an edge like none other.

It is a great knife, but I gotten mine at a state fair so I don't know where I could direct you to.
You are right, I should have been more specific, yes, I mean the Survivor brand "cute" model #7285a it is similar to the colubia river peck, but is serrated.

Thanks for your responses.
No luck. The January 2000 Blade magazine has an ad for it on pg.68, but with no website of their own, they do have an e-mail address you might try, to get the names of their distributors:
I've seen the ads for the Survivor Cute from Kantas in the past and it seems to me to be a pretty blatant rip-off of the CRKT PECK. Can't comment on it's quality, but I'm not a big proponent of supporting a company that can't come up with its own ideas. Maybe it's a decent knife for the price, but then again, so is just about anything CRKT puts out. Go original, if you ask me.

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