Suspect status yet?

Nov 2, 2000
I did a quick inventory of my Emersons:

2 2000 SF Commanders
1 2000 BTS Commander
1 2000 SFS CQC7B-Wave
2 2001 BTS CQC7B-Waves
1 2000 BT Mach-1
1 2000 BTS SARK
1 2000 SF Mini-CQC7B
1 2001 BT CQC7B
2 1999 BBS CQC7B's
1 2000 SFS CQC7B
1 2000 SF CQC7A


And I would trade every single non-waved CQC7B for a Mach-1 SF/BT in a NY minute.

So, Have I reached official Suspect status yet?

Let's hear what the other suspects own.
1 1998 Commander Trainer
1 1998 BT Commander
1 1999 CN Commander
1 1999 CN CQC-7
1 2000 BT Lefty Commander
1 2000 Waved CQC-7 (Plain Edge, Hard Chrome)
1 2001 Waved CQC-7 (Serial Numbered, partially serrated, Hard Chrome)
1 2000 BT Waved SOCFK
1 2000 GT Waved SOCFK
2 Emerson/Perrin LaGriffes
(The CQC-7s, all of them, are Tanto, the two SOCFKs are Tanto.)
2000 BT Commander
Commander Trainer
Seigel Converted Rhino from 2000 BTS Commander
2000 Raven
2000 SOCFK-1A
2000 BTS CQC-7 waved
In hand,

1 '98 Bandit Commander
1 '98 Commander BT
1 '99 Commander BTS
1 '99 Commander CN-S
1 '99 CQC-7B CN-S
1 '00 Viper1 ZG
I've got:

A Black 98 Commander #508
A Green 2000 Commander
A Black "Skull" T-Shirt
4 Black "Skull" Clips

:D and a whole *S***T load of customs. (most available to be seen on my photopoint albums at )
1 2000 Commander BT
1 2000 Commander BTS
1 2000 Commander SFS
1 2001 CQC7B BTS Waved
1 2000 CQC7A BTS
1 2001 Mini CQC7A SF
1 2001 Mini CQC7B SF

on the way...
1 200? P-SARK BTS
Oh, they let me in, so what the hell. I see Usual Suspects in this Thread. Not one to be left out in the cold.


1 1999 CN Commander
1 2000 Commander SF-GH
1 2000 Commander BT

1 1999 CQC7-B BTS
1 2000 CQC7-B SF-GH
1 2001 Mini CQC7-B SFS

1 2000 SOCFK-B BTS

1 2001 Specwar-A BTS

1 2001 SARK BTS

I would love to get my hands on a custom or two!! Just too much money for me. :D
Well, I probably shouldn't be surprised, but I PUKs listed.
I would assume that the sheath that comes with it is a big factor. If EKI supplied, even as an option, a Tech-Lok kydex concealment sheath, they would be a better seller.

Derek, are you listening?

Ya think this is an obsessive compulsive dis-order kinda thing :rolleyes: :D

It's a sickness I tell ya They must spraying the G10 slabs with something addictive.....

1-1999 CQC-7B BT Plain Edge
2-2000 MACH-1s BT 1-50/50 1 Plain Edge
1-2000 Leftie Commander BT 50/50
1-1999 CQC7-B SF 50/50
1-2001 Mini CQC-7A SF 50/50
1-1999 CQC-7A SF 50/50
1-2000 CQC-7B "Waved" SF 50/50
3-2000 SOCFKs 1-Spear 2-Tanto 1 of which is GT
1-1999 CQC-7B BTS
1-1999 LaGriffe
2-2000 CQC-7A 1-BT 50/50 1-SF Plain Edge
1-2000 White Water Rescue
1-2000 SARK (Modified by Bill Siegle into a PSARK)
1-No Date CQC-7B Prototype (Specwar Logo)
2-MV-1 Vipers 1-2000 1-No Date

2- Emerson T-Shirts
1- Viper T-Shirt
1-2001 Usual Suspect T-Shirt
:) :)
Quote Brigadier:
If EKI supplied, even as an option, a Tech-Lok kydex concealment sheath, they would be a better seller


If you do a search on the "PUK", you'll see a review i did when the PUK first came out. The only thing i could find wrong was offering a Military/Outdoors type sheath as standard with the knife.

Derek brought a new sheath to the Blade Show that addresses that concern. It's a PERFECT Kydex sheath that retains the knife without straps (pressure only). It uses either a belt strap for IWB carry or a Teklok for all other means of carry. It is reversable from Right hand to left hand carry.

It's the sheath that should have been made from word go.

I don't have an info as to if it will be a stardard item in the future or simply an option. Sorry.
CQC-6: EMERSON Logo, Right Hand/Right Side Grind.
Viper-3: EMERSON Logo, Old style hardware.
Persian: EMERSON Logo, SOTB Kydex.
Tanto Proto: EMERSON Logo, Black Oxide.
Tanto Proto: SPECWAR Logo (old), Black-T.
I wouldn't have to own any Emersons to be a Usual Suspect though. Its more about interest level and less about gathering items.
Let's see....

1 2001 C/P Tanto
1 2000 GT 50/50 SOCFK (customized by the great Kevin Robinson)
1 2000 BT plain edge SOCFK
1 2000 BT plain edge Commander (traded...)

Annnndddd... that's it, so far. Damn, I need to get me more stuff!! :D
Hell, a year ago or so, I thought you had to be a Custom Collector to be a Suspect.

I think there are three "types" of Suspects;

#1 Collectors.
#2 Tac-Guys who cross over to Edged Weapons.
#3 People that specifically study Edged Weapons and everything else.

[Pay attention to the Italics, imagine a voice...]

Now, the interesting thing about "Usual Suspects" is, you see all three of these groups interacting together and no one jumps on each other for being interested in actually using these knives for Defensive Purposes...and that I think, is something extremely unique about us. Alot of other groups interested in knives will start to cannibalize one another out of fear that the person who actually studies and practices Edged Weapons will "bring the heat down [law]" on their little harmless hobby...

People don't usually preach in here to people who have already made their minds up with regard to the purpose of these knives. We don't see the Bible twisted against the concepts of Self-Preservation or that of one's family or another innocent party.

I think that is a very special thing. You see things in here about everything, and everyone has a great sense of humor and sarcasm, there are some real smartasses in here like Ken Cook, but hey, I don't know anything about being that I try to understand him. :D

Don Rearic, trying to be, "The Kinder...Gentler..."
Great observation, Don. The last thing I wanna do is get into a knife fight, that's why they make Berettas :D But I realize that some guys in some jurisdictions aren't as lucky as myself and can't get a CCW so the only defense they have is a good tactical knife.

I would put myself in category #2. I lean more towards firearms for defense, but there are times when you can't carry a gun, but you can carry a knife - airport, post office, etc......

I think that there is a universal respect and camaraderie among those that have taken a hard look at the facts of life and decided to take responsibility for their own self defense.

The only bickering I see at the gun club I belong too is between the pistol/"black" rifle enthusiasts and the gun owners that are strictly shotgunners and/or hunters. The latter seem to not want to admit to themselves that bad things can happen to you, and that someday we may need high cap rifles/handguns to fight a tyrannical gov't. I kinda see the same division in the knife community.

Gentlmen, Congratulations on your awesome collections!

1998 CQC-7B (serial # 168)
1998 CQC-7A SF 50/50
2000 Commander SF 50/50
2000 La Griff
2000 Mini CQC-7A BTS 50/50
2000 Mini CQC-7B SF

200? P-SARK on delivery........

Don- I see myself in catagory #2/#3
(hopefully moving into catagory #1 one day)
Since I started lurking on this forum, I've noticed a strong
sense of respect & comraderie among the Suspects. That's nice
to see, compared to the Flamming going on the other forums. I'm
glad to have spoken with a few of you in the Tac-Chat lines.
Hopefully one day, I'll be able to add 'Usual Suspect" to the

One question,

Do I still have to memorize the movie dialogue?
I don't haave any Emersons. I do have a plain edge BM cqc7, but that isn't the same. Someday I will have a six. Bet on it.:D

Right now the only six I have is one of Joel Pirela's pics set up as my wallpaper on my comp.

I have had it for a long time and had forgot where I had seen it.
I prefer the grind lines on that six better then some of the older models. I think the tip would penetrate better and be somewhat sharper. Am I right?

P.S.Joel if my using your pic steals bandwith or something, or, if you just say take it off, I will. :)
Wow, this has turned into a really cool thread, it is nice to see what all you guys have!

All I have these days is:

98 Commander BT #062
2000 custom CQC-7 single bevel