Swisstool question

Sep 2, 2006
I recently got a Swisstool X for Christmas and i've been wondering something about it ever since I got it. I notice that the tools on both sides of the handles have a little bit of play to them. The lock is rock solid and I have no fears of it failing but my Swisstool Spirit S has no play in the tools. I realize the Swisstool X is a much older design than the Spirit so I just chalked it up to being an older, less refined model but I felt the need the ask.
Do you mean sideways play or vertical play on the tools? I have been carrying an ST X for more than 2 years now and only observe a *very* slight vertical play. I notice a slight movement in the locking mechanism when it is engaged as the utensil is fully extended. =)
Most larger Swisstool ( not the Spirit ) have some blade play , its not a problem unless its really loose then I would send it back .Dont wory most of them do have a small amount of play , and in the pliers jaws to sometimes .

I understand the swisstool X, RS, and CS have a layered approach -- somewhat like plywood. Does this add to the strength? Do LM multitools have this?