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Apr 27, 1999
Ok, this is my first review guys, so don't kneedrop the messenger.

OK, the Swisstool has become my daily carry multi-tool for about the last six months or so. Reasons for this are as follows:
-No opening the handles to access the tools, a real big plus for me. I like not having to extend the handles to get the tool I need.

-Ambidexterous unlocking feature. The way the Swisstool is set up, I can unlock the implement/blade being used with either hand, and with gloves on, which is quite useful when you are wearing heavy/thick gloves. No problem/involved closing/unlocking procedure.

-Excellent fit and finish, plus durability. This multi-tool rivals my Supertool in the 'hell-bent-for-stout' catagory, while avoiding some of the minor downfalls of the Supertool. The handles are better suited to realy putting some hand power on them when using the pliers, and they just feel 'nicer'.

-A wide selection of tools. The prybar type blade is quite handy, the chisel helped to save Christmas, and after taking Mr. Rock's advise, the flat screwdrivers work great. The knife blades on my Swisstool don't see much use, but they are typical SAK and are easy to get a shaving edge.

-The pliers work great, I have used mine for removing hooks out of fishes' mouths while fishing. The pliers meet at the ends, and while not a true needlenose design, have yet to disappoint me in use. I have not noticed any damage to the pliers so far from usage.

A few minor downfalls, IMHO, are the lack of scissors, but I carry a Micra to offset this, and the sheath. I carry the Swisstool on duty in the sheath that came with it, but I have also used various horizontal mount sheaths. The tool seems to ride a wee bit better horizontally.

All in all, the Swisstool is a great multi-purpose tool that I feel more than comfortable with in the ambulance, on a fire call, or just hanging by my side. A very comforting thing to reach back and feel my Swisstool riding along with me.......

Later, Jeff B

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Nice review and concurr with all you have to say, and ditto on the screwdriver ends.

The pliers are tough, I never felt like they couldn't pull or twist out whatever I tried my hands at, when I first got them I was showing a friend at work how well made they were and pulled one of the long long staples out of a pallet, no problem.

The Serrated blade is ground the right way, at least for right handed people. And it does cut well, especially plastics, ropes and things like that

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Just thought Id let you know that the Swisstool will be avaiable soon with scissor's, Its listed in their new 2000 catalog.

Also was wondering...When the Swisstool first came out, Equipped to Surive's review mentioned that the only weak spot may be the lock release section. I've used mine for over a year now and it has held up great so far. Anyone have any problems with theirs?

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SAK's hold a special place in my heart, since I carried one for so long before I moved on to bigger and better things. The only reason I haven't bought a SwissTool is the lack of scissors. The new 'X' model solves that! They also used the scissors to replace the serrated blade like I had hoped. I didn't want to give up the file or saw blade to get scissors. All this rambling just to say a SwissTool 'X' is definitely in my future!
I own a Wave because of the lack of scissors.

Now they tell me

Wow, with scissors, this may be the best thing going in multitools.

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I have owned two, sold one and given one as a gift. Don't get me wrong, I really like the tool, but the main thing I want in a multitool is the Pliers. Otherwise, I would probably stick with a SAK (though they don't have locking tools either)

If they come out with a tool with true needlenose pliers, I am so there...

Clay Fleischer
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I also carry a SwissTool/Micra combo. It works great for me. I don't think that I would trade the combo for the SwissTool with scissors. I like the other tools on the Micra.

Have used the Swiss Tool for about two years now. I chose it after handling all the other available multi-tools at that time. It's still my favorite, although I also carry a Micra for scissors use.

Was tempted to switch by the 'one-hand-open' feature of the blades on the Wave, but love the solid feeling of the Swiss Tool too much. Besides, as a knifeknut, I'm never without another blade (or 4)!

And that 'solid feeling' is really comforting when the chips are down. I know it won't let me down.

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Does the new SwissTool with the scissors still have a reamer/awl? There are implements, in addition to pliers, I will not give up: file, saw, can opener, and awl. I can live without scissors, but must have an awl, and I can't think of any multitool that has both scissors and an awl.

I love the SwissTool, but I'm currently carrying the Leatherman Super Tool these days. Can anyone guess why? Because I love carring it in one of the new Benchmade belt pouches, and the Super Tool fits just a teeny-weeny bit better. (The SwissTool fits better in the older style Benchmade pouch, along with a pen-sized Eze-Lap diamond sharpener.) Maybe tomorrow I'll switch back to the SwissTool.

Here are some fundamental truths I have discovered regarding multi-tools:

1. In a game of Scissors-Paper-Rock, an awl beats a pair of scissors every time.

2. Ties are broken by the best belt pouch, which is probably not the one that originally came with the tool.

3. If you must sacrifice an implemement, surprisingly, knife blades are expendable. (We all carry real knives, don't we?)

4. Don't forget the ruler. The SwissTool ruler rules!

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