Apr 30, 1999
I heard rumors of a verson with scissors. Does anybody know if this is true? And if so, when, and what tool will they drop? I hope it's the serrated blade, because I think except for scissors this tool has it all.
Hi Root,
Almost a year ago I started carying the SwissTool and I had some problems with the "cordura" sheath they supply the SwissTool in (the one with also the place for the wrench/bits) and I had a wrench that did not hold the bits. I emailed to Victorinox in Switserland and immediatly got a reply from Elsener junior the director of Victorinox together with a new leather sheath and a complete new wrench + bit set, talk about servivce !! I also asked them to try and include scissors and drop the chisel of the SwissTool. He replied to me that they where thinking on including scissors. BUT until today I have not seen them in Holland/Germany.
Be patient and hope for the best, until then I cary a Micra. Cheers, Bagheera