Oct 3, 1998
I have only recently gotten one of these, was torn between the Wave and this one. After handling both, decided on the Swisstool.
About the only major drawback this multi-tool has is the lack of one-hand opening for the knife blade(s). But the rest of the tool makes up for it, after all, at any given time, I've usually got two other one handers on me anyway
! The overall strength, the choice of tools and their easy access are just light years ahead of other competitors.
I've been carrying mine for a week now and have turned it loose at every chance. The pliers are efficient, I like the needlenose style better than the big square nose on my Multipliers. The locking feature is very positive and easy to disengage, none of the tools have slipped on me under pressure. The only thing that's missing is scissors, but I read that that may be addressed in a future incarnation. I had my wife sew a piece of fabric on the back of the sheath so that I could carry in horizontal mode and that seems to work better for me and be a bit less noticeable. The snap could be a bit more positive perhaps, but has not come undone yet. Overall, this multi-tool is my pick for current "King" of the genre.

I wholeheartedly agree. I also made the choice between the SwissTool and Wave. I have had mine since Christmas, and I love it.

I also carry my SwissTool in a horizontal belt pouch. I use the one that came with my Crawford KFF.

I alway carry my Micra, so I have the scissors covered. The Micra's nail file and tweezers also complement the SwissTool.

I also prefer the SwissTool. I've carried mine every day for about seven months. I like the strength and general feeling of robustness of this tool.

Have you noticed that the hook on the can opener is too fat/blunt to grip the lip on a can? I improved mine by way of some careful grinding with a Dremel. (Grind the side of the hook that lies to the right as you hold the tool in use, with the can opener pointing away from your body, so the unground side of the hook will lie flat against the can. The steel is soft, so be careful and go slow.)

For a decent horizontal/vertical belt pouch, the Benchmade pouch for the AFO works well. you can buy it as a separate item from your local knife dealer for less than ten dollars.

David Rock
The main complaint Ive heard about the Swisstool is the lack of a real needle nose type of pliers,like the Wave has(I have both) I find that I almost always carry the Swisstool. I look at it this way...99 out of 100 times when Ive had to make a trip to the toolbox for pliers Its for regular ones, not for needlenose ones..Maybe its just the type of work I find myself getting into??
Just a thought!

I have both the SwissTool and the WAVE. I like the size and one-handed blade opening of the WAVE, but I like the overall robustness (is that a word?), easy tool access, and the fact that all tools lock on the SwissTool. I keep the WAVE in the car and the SwissTool on the belt.

A few weeks ago I bent the smallest of the WAVE's flat-head screwdrivers while trying to loosen a clip screw. I used the SwissTool to finish up on the clip, then used the pliers to straighten out the WAVE's screwdriver. The WAVE feels like a toy compared to the SwissTool.

The swisstool is certainly more robust than the wave. However my only real complaint with the Swisstool is the knife blades. They just feel too flimsy. And the serrations just plain suck

The wave doesn't feel very strong around the pivot point near the plier jaws.

I generally carry the wave for everyday light duty use, But I carry my swisstool or supertool on my duty belt at work or when I am hiking due to the robustness.

I would like to see a superwave in the future. A very robust wave would be nice
I too prefer the Swiss Tool to the Wave.

I have read all of the posts regarding the superiority of the Wave over all other tools.
Personally, I have not found this to be the case. The Wave handle twists under torque and does not seem to be as sturdy. However, I have not found that it has failed under stress.

The tools in the Wave are harder access and do not lock in position which allows them to move slightly back and forth which is irritating when working a screw.

I purchased the Swiss Tool first, and have been very happy with it. I am still testing the Wave further before it is relegated to the drawer with my SOG Paratool, my original Leatherman, and Gerber Multilock pliers.

I too have 'em both. The Wave has nice narrow needle-nose pliers and a pretty good phillips-head driver. Other than that the Swisstool is better in every way. So it doesn't have a one-hand opening blade. Big deal, it also doesn't clump out the tools when you open them up!

I liked it so much I bought two of 'em. The Wave is sitting in a box somewhere.