Sword-Cane Legality Canada

Discussion in 'Knife Laws' started by Alexandra Leishman, Oct 15, 2020.

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    Nuh uh. There are lots of excellent alternatives.
    First, a cane sword is not a good idea legally or tactically if you are after self defence.
    Most of them are garbage in any event.
    I strongly suggest you look at Crawford's Survival Staff, and there are many options in terms of blades that aren't for this thread.
    Toxic Toys and others made some amazing indestructible stuff, and if you like thin and light, titanium is part whip part stick. Invredible stuff.
    You can get other canes too, like Crawfords, with interchangabe parts for when you need to change up sections or use a staff or travel.

    But, as the expression in the movie goes, there's nothing like a nice piece of hickory.
    There are lots of first rate guys making canes to your order and design, especially in the USA ( and turkey )
    They can be very, very cool.
    In terms of self defence, there are whole parts of martial arts dedicated to cane and staff technique, especially Kuk Sool Won that has techniques designed for use with walking canes.

    So many better alternatives to a sword cane.
    The LEOs and customs are looking for that. Don't try.
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    Feb 8, 2020
    Well if you want a good cane sword you can get a cold steel. I have one and it's pretty Sharp. I use it when I go for my walks in the morning. BAD DOG'S. The shaft is strong enough to use as a club. The sword will shave you. But of course the legalities is an issue. Maybe you should go with the staff but I'm definitely no lawyer
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    I’d recommend carrying a regular cane if that’s what you need. Sword canes are better as decorative collector’s items at home.

    That aside, Canada’s laws on stuff like this defy logic.

    Disguised knives like belt buckle, lipstick and comb knives are a no no. Sword canes? Perfectly fine!

    Automatic knives opening with a button? Felony. Spring assist knives opening with a thumb stud or flipper? Good to go!

    Pepper spray? Nope, can’t have people defending themselves from attackers! Bear mace for bear attacks? A-OK!

    Hope Canadians elect some reps with common sense next time. Maybe you guys can get some of these laws repealed and that issue with the CBSA not allowing one hand open folding knives in will go away.
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    check out canemasters

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