Oct 5, 1998
This should get some good feedback I am thinking of a new big blade. What do you all
think of the military?? Is the new model better than the old??Any sugestions on it??
Hey murray, a friend of mine (Army Major) has one (CPM440V). Loves it to death. Only complaint, he said he looks back sometimes and wonders if he should have gotten the plain edge. That's it.
Hi Murray - the Military is by far my favorite Spyderco model (okay, it ties with the C48 Wegner
) The Military is a real workhorse of a knife with the 440V steel. It's very useful in either edge format, but definitely more fun in the serrated version (you might be interested in reading my evaluation here on the Knowledge Base). Even though the knife has one partial liner, there is really no concern for strength issues. Strong yet lightweight and slim. Carries very well in either pocket or waistband. And the flat grind makes the knife cut like the dickens! If you get this knife I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Hope this info helps.

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You can't go wrong with a Military. Large blade, smooth action, secure grip, very strong liner. Everything one would want in a tactical/utility folder.

I strongly suggest you go to the search section and read the other threads regarding this blade.

You won't be disappointed.



The Military is a great knife, and if you like it better than everything else you see, you will probably be very happy with it. The CPM440V blade has superb cutting geometry, takes a very fine edge, and holds it extremely well. The handle is big and comfortable, but is still slim and carries nicely.

There are some concerns about the strength of the unlined G-10 handle in a knife that is positioned in the "combat" or "tactical" folder market. You may never have any concerns about the strength, but I did, and I still do. Additionally, the Military has a leaf side-lock, a design which I have not found to be optimally reliable.

The Military is a great knife, and a lot of owners love them, but if lock reliability and strength are a priority for you, you might also look at the Benchmade 710 Axis folder, or Ti integral lock Pinnacle. If you are planning on spending $150 on a knife, you might consider saving a little more, and get the ultimate extreme duty folder, the Reeve Sebenza.

Or, as I began by saying, if the Military is the knife you really like, it may serve you very well. It has a lot of good features.

I held out for 2 years but finally bought my Military on Saturday It is an excellent knife, fit and finish is way above the Benchmades (AFCK, Stryker, and CQC7) that I have. For the price that we pay here in South Africa it is not a knife I would abuse but it is a knife I will carry and use regularly.It carries easily any way you want.

Concerning the lock all I can say is that I dont think it can be made any better than this - I tried "bending" the knife sideways by taking hold of the blade in one hand and grip in the other to get the lock to fail in the sense that it would be difficult to unlock - no way!, I tried presure on the blade like in a cutting motion but a lot more than one would need for cutting with this blade when it is sharp - no lock failure!, I tried the AT Barr test - no failure!. When closing the blade the lock disengaged every time as easily as when I just opened it smoothly. The lock did not disengage unintentionally even when gripping white knuckled.

You can not go wrong with this knife.

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As far as partial and/ or single liners, I believe, at least in the updated models, that the single liner, if it is only that, is housed in the G 10 scale! There was a recent thread in the Spyderco forum where Sal Glesser had addressed this issue. So, the Military is in fact, not linerless!

I just want to add on to what Nakano was saying about the partial liner being nestled inside of the G-10 scale. The obvious reason why this is done is to make the knife slimmer. Therefore, I gguess this is why some people are fooled into thinking that the knife has no liners - you cannot see the liner unless you peer inside the handle. Though, milling out the inside of the scale does take some extra time and extra cost to the SRP as well, the benefits of doing so are worth it IMO. That's some "fancy footwork" going on there

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Does the new Military have a full liner on one side with the leaf lock cut into it?

In the old Military, the only metal in the handle beside the screws was the leaf-lock which ends at the blade tang, and does not extend to the pivot area, and therefore is not what I would call a liner, and doesn't contribute significantly to the rigidity of the handle.

Steve, the liner on the new Military extends through the pivot area. Although I would not have
believed it had I not tried it myself,the knife flexes less then my AFCK or Stryker.Also , the
440V retains a "shaving" edge much longer then ATS-34. I have done nothing but strop the
blade occasionally over the last 3 months .This steel has pretty much spoiled me to the point
anything less is hard to accept.
As SD stated, (full liner, leaf lock cut in), yes, it does.

David Rock,
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As I understand things, Sal Glesser (CEO of Spyderco) designed this knife himself and not only is it his daily carry but their test platform for different cutlery steels. If this is indeed the man's choice when he could carry any of his models, that's certainly got to say something


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Go ahead and get yourself one. You WON'T be sorry. It is one of the STRONGEST folders out there and the new model cannot be compared to the old. Besides, you will become a member of one of the BETTER associations in the knife world...a proud "Military Man".

Check out the Spyderco forum here at, there are a some threads on the Military there, too.