Syderco Ayoob request

May 12, 2000
Could someone post a Quick review of the Ayoob, and maybe some pix.
I am not a specialist like Fred Perrin but you just asked for a little snapshot.

Ok I will handle the knife and try to describe it to you.

The Massad Ayoob is a knife to be grabbed to really "understand" and also you will check if you are ready for that knife.
If you like middle east scimitar like myself you won't regret it.
It's a really sexy knife with a real confortable handle and such an attitude !

Just open the blade to see what I mean.

You got a thin and long curved claw of steel easy to point thank to its ergonomic handle.
This blade is made of VG-10 and God knows how Spyderco knows how to heat treat well his blades. VG-10 is an excellent steel made for cutlery and the grind of the Ayoob is lethal for both slashes and thrusts !

The gravity point is not in the middle of the knife but a little in the rear.
The handle is is really well made and the steel spacers contribuates for the futuristic look of that knife.

The knife looks REALLY solid and there is absolutly no play while open.

Now I don't know enough the knife yet and I need more mileage with it to be more accurate but I love it !

The only drawbacks for the moment is the slippery of the aluminium handle that you are not obliged to like but the ergonomy so ggod.
Also while closed the "thumb rest" on the blade is often entangled with the corner of my rear trousers pocket.

No big deal. It's a great knife which is really user friendly.
The handle and the angle of the blade is a must to direct that pointy and sharp blade where you need to.


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I love my mine!!! The handle is a little slipery but really nice looking. I have the partially serrated one and it is one hell of a slasher. I haven't had the chance to test it yet but it looks like it will really perform best when thrusting. One of the nicer lock backs I have come across. It has a bit of a ramp around the opening whole, nothing like the Gunting but I think it will tomahawk nicely!!! I have also played around a bit with the horns on the top and the botttom and while not as pronounced as the Gunting's they still hurt like hell if applied right. Another big plus is you can flip the clip to the other side and have a left handed version too. Those of you that shoot handguns will find the handle very similar to a semi auto. I really liked it when I first got it, and the more I play with it the more it has grown on me....

also it's easy to carry it for a quick reverse grip by changing the righty clip into lefty clip. (if you are not lefty !)
It's also a total ambidextrous knife !


IMHO, few things could make a tactical/self defense/combat knife more useless than a slippery handle. Add adrenaline, sweat, blood(?) and the ability to hang onto it might be extreme. Hit bone on a thrust, and your fingers might be the worst wound created.