Sylvan Camp Knife

No movement on it yet, but I have not forgotten. I just have other things that need my attention first.
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Hurrul Hurrul it's time to make a CAD file for the Sylvan. Can you please remind me the overall length, and blade length (including ricasso)? Thanks!
I thought I had the cash-flow to make this happen without deposits. Not yet. Not responsibly anyway. Maybe in November.
L lmalterna , thank you for purchasing the sheet Bill. It was released from Customs to Canada Post today, so I expect it will be with the waterjet guys next week, and Andy shortly thereafter.


Tracking says the steel is out for delivery to the waterjet guys today.
MK2 arrived from the frigid north of Canada country - a polar bear harnessed to four bald eagles dropped at my doorstep.


and a small sibling, Lil' Wharnificient

I'll try to get some side by side photos with my proto version shortly.

David - great work on both. Truly, thank you for being into this run of big knives, and making big blades in general - so much fun. Can't wait to swing this one around.
You're very welcome and thank you for the kind words!