T.V. Knives

Suppose you tried to stop someone from buying those Ginzu-like knives by telling them that the knives are junk but the person didn't believe you. How would you explain to the person that the knives are junk?
Oct 3, 1998
Ask the person if they would buy all those other products they seem to dump on television audiences.You could try and explain the differeces in various steels but you would more then likely bore the non knife personto sleep.Other then patient education of said people who if they are non knife types more then likely aren't listening to you anyway because as far as they are concerned they get like 50 different kitchen knives and gadgets for there $19.95 so they think they are making out big time. Next time your invited over for supper go early and volunteer to cut and dice the food and bring some of your favorite knives to do it with.After your finished take all of their cheap knives outside and put them through torture tests then after they are all rendered useless offer to go along and help pick out new knives.If none of these things work then at least you tried.


Following Strider's lead: 50 knives and gadgets for $19.95 (whatever the quantity and price is) is roughly 40 cents apiece....candy bars cost more than that! Put in those terms might allow your friend to be a bit more discerning
You whip out YOUR knife and cut the poor Gunzu-like knives in half!!!

Oh! Those TV knives. I thought this might be about knives you wear when watching TV. Like Church knives or something.
Just kidding.


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Darn, I thought there was a new maker.

Ask them if they belive everything they see on TV...if they say yes, they deserve them.


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Sometimes, people learn not from the mistakes of others, but from their own mistakes. Challenge your friend to go ahead and purchase the knives on the condition that WHEN he/she realizes that they are junk that he/she won't doubt your word any more.

Somebody on rec.knives posted the URL to a *hilarious* website wherein one of the regulars came across a complete boxed "Sportsmen's Delight" or whatever set of that crap at a flea market for $10. Pretty much as a gag, he bought it and did a review.

Oooooooooeeeee you can't imagine how bad. Rockwells in the low 40s, the works. This stuff was WORSE than most flea market Pakistani "knife shaped objects" (thanx, Mad Dog, great term) since the customer couldn't see (and puke) ahead of time.

No, I don't recall the URL or creator. Dammit. If you really want it go post a query on rec.knives, somebody'll know.

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