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Tactical Folder - Is 3/32nds too thin?????

Nov 15, 1998
I've noticed many good new models have less than 1/8th inch stock - the Genesis, Axis, Covert. Even my beloved Krait is 3/32nds (420V). I'm a bit concerned about their strength. Thanks!!!!

I like 1/8th or even 5/32nds - am I wrong, is thinner better as long as the point won't break off?
I wouldn't worry about it, it's very rare for a blade to snap or break unless you pry against something or ram it into something way too hard for it. The only knife I have that is 3/32 at the blade stock is the Gerber EZ-OUT, and it's only been damaged when I pried at concrete. The lock is another story though because it outright sucks. This is around the 6th month I've had the thing and the lock has become so weak that tapping the thing against a hard cardboard box will spring the lock open.
My question is, too thin for what? I've been making a few big folders with 1/8" thick blades, and unless I flat grind them all the way to the spine and taper them, they still feel too big to use for cutting.
I still think that 99% of the use someone is going to put a folder to would be better served by a very sharp blade with a thin edge bevel and tip. If you need to use your knife for a pry bar, carry a multitool or a screwdriver with you