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tactical knife for spec ops

May 30, 1999
I'm looking for a knife that will attach to my web belt, that also straps to side of leg. I like the timberline aviator, but I'm hearing negative things. I need something with a good tactical sheath, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg. I want the knife to wear on the side of the thigh, with a strap (as opposed to cord) around the leg.
Check out http://www.bussecombat.com/ I have a few of his knives in INFI and the sheath description matches his sheaths down to the last "t".

A good all round blade is the Steelheart. Tougher than nails and I know that Jerry will stand by his product if damaged or broken. I will bet my name that he will not claim abuse .......Pow-Wow !!!

I know the knives may be considered expensive but look at it this way. You will never buy another knife in your life ...in fact, if you don't like the SH after buying it, I will buy it from you. (Note no fine print)How do you consider your worth ...risk it on the cheapest blade .....isn't it enough all your other equipment was selected by the Pentagon on price.

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I have a Randall which had a leather sheath.I wanted something more tactical and envirmentally resistant.I checked out
Edge Works Manufacturing Company that I'd heard great things about,and I just received their Kydex All-Way Jump sheath-it comes with leg straps,and hip extender.This product is of the highest quality and good price at only $24.95.Basically decide what knife is going to serve you the best and then when you find it,put it in the best sheaths around from Edge-Works.

www.tacticalholsters.com -Later,RS
I'm with Aubrey! I just received my Busse Battle Mistress. My only regret is that I'm no longer in the Marines where I could really put this bad boy to serious use. The sheath does indeed match what you're wanting to a "T".

If you look from a few days ago at my post titled "The Battle Mistress has arrived", you will see a scan of my knife and the sheath it came in.

This knife has not been out of arms reach since I received it.


Chris Canis

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hello sharkman, do yourself a favor and get a ka-bar, get the newer version usmc, w/black blade and a superbly built and tactical sheath. Mine is the new version with 1095 steel, a great black epoxy coating to prevent rust, and the sheath is awesome, mine is kydex, very low profile, and it has 4 slots and many holes in the sheath for tactical carry, said to say mine didn't come with any straps, so i use 550 paracord. Believe me, this knife kicks A**, it carries awesome on your forearm if properly rigged-New York style carry
. If you like all types of tactical carry, get the knife.

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