"Tactical Knives" Jan '00 Issue

Nov 8, 1998
I just received my Jan '00 issue of TK. Two articles stand out for me.

1. On page 30, there is a section on the Polkowski Scorpion. The Scorpion is my home carry knife. Some good observations in the column.

2. On page 18, there is an article on the Emerson production CQC-7s. What interested me most is the discussion on the training knives. The author goes into the merits of having a "folding" trainer for a folding defensive knife. I completely agree. I use my Crawford KFF "folding" trainer daily. It costs a bit more than the Emerson, but my carry knife is the KFF. I also doubt that you would want to use the Emerson trainer against a heavy bag (tip looks too thin to prevent cuts). My KFF trainer works fine with my heavy bag.