tactical knives mag ??? movie ??


Jun 17, 2001
does anyone have extra/available copies of the following Tactical Knives issues (there sold out and i already checked with Tactical Knives) i would buy them for the $5 per:July 97, Nov 97, July 98, and Jan 98. this would be a huge help as i have all the rest.

also, i have a knife movie question: i need the name of this excellent movie about knife fighting, it had John Savge as a professional killer (possibly CIA) and he and his partner killed Peter Coyote's family, he then trains to become a knife fighter to seek revenge. i think it was mid-80's, this one is driving me crazy-can't remember the title....
Hello...I have doubles of quite a few TK mags...BUT their stored away. If you could tell me what's on the covers, I can dig 'em up...As for the movie, that turns up here, about once a month, but I cant think what the title is...

If the movie you’re thinking about IS “Exposure,” then you’ve combined it with some other movie. “Exposure” is about Coyote, a photographer, in Brazil. He is stabbed by some bad guy and learns to handle a Randall 14 from a knife fighter he had helped on the street.

There is no Jobn Savage or CIA or even anyone killing anyone’s family in this movie.

Every so often, I pull out the tape of “Exposure” just to admire the knives.

Let us know when you figure out what the OTHER movie is, will you?
thanks alot for the title, man than can drive you nuts trying to remember a title, i must have confused two different plots but Exposure is the one i was thinking of.
ON cover,
TK- july 97:Belles Bowies.
nov 97:Junglee Survival Blades.
july 98:Colt/Eickhorn Combat Knives.
jan 98:police Spyderco.

any help on the back issues would really be great, these were all sold out from TK.
thanks again for the info, joebe.