Tactical Knives November Issue

Is it just me or does most of the November issue of TK read like one long advert for Lyn Thompson & Cold Steel?

Harvey Wareham

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Double Edge Dave

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Mar 27, 1999
It seems to me like a "diss" on the marketing style and a fair evaluation of the product.At least that`s how I read it.
Since you brought it up......
I never had any reason to dislike Cold Steel or Lyn Thompson until reading some of the posts here at Blade Forum.
After I read the article in Tactical Knives, I got the distinct impression that the writer must be a frequent flyer over here.
I admit, I don't know too much about Lyn Thompson's style of advertising, but I've never had a complaint about any Cold Steel product that I own. In my opinion, Cold Steel gives a lot of knife for the bucks.
I also found myself getting an education regarding laminated blades. San Mai (spelling from memory over here) seems to hold some promise.
I always figured that Tactical Knives featured articles on quality blades that are within reach of most of their readers. Cold Steel has a variety of styles that would be of interest to most anyone.... at least I find them interesting.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?

Maybe I'm lost on this post or have my head up my a** but the only article I saw on CS in November TK was the piece by Michael Janich...is this what you're talking about or were you talking about the magazine as a whole? Just wondering.

My thoughts on CS are simple: A good company that's put out good blades at a more than fair price. - Jeff

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It was not the article as such but the my overall perception of the magazine as a whole.

There were a couple of small bits, one of which in the letters I think, that recomended Cold Steel products over others that I (IMHO) thought would be better suited to what someone asked for.

I admit that I have a bias against Cold Steel , folders at least, because of their ridiculous serrations. I have contacted them on several occasions to aks how one is suposed to shapren them without wearing them down in a very short period of time with no response. AUS 8 needs to be sharpened more often than I would like if used with any regularity at all (I so need a spell check it hurts

Perhaps it is just the general "ninja rambo death monger marketing" that turns me off the products so much.

Sorry for the rant.

Harvey Wareham

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It was my impression that until quite recently, all of the Knife mags had some sort of advertisement "embargo" on Cold Steel. I believe it was unfair regardless of Lynn Thompson's advertisement strategiy and that reviews of his products in major publications is a positive thing.
Right from the "On the Point" article, it seems to be putting down a lot of current makers including C.S., Busse, Mad Dog etc. Mr. Dick is stating that the current "1/4 inch thick wonderknives" are too thick and not as usefull as a thinner blade. I believe that opinion is just fine, but I happen to like larger blades just fine too. He has stated his didlike for large, heavy "camp knives" all along anyway.
My opinion on TK is that its a good magazine that presents alot of different viewpoints and gives us Knifenuts some stuff to think about. You don't have to agree w/ everything presented just give it consideration and accept those bits of information that make sense to YOU. As for Lynn Thompson and CS....I think Thompsons advertising style in Overblown and boastful some of his products are down right goofy...(I won't site anything specific so as not to offend anyone) but on the whole most of his knives are good solid pieces and work great for a descent price. As for sharpening CS folder (I don't use em' because of the lock mechanism!) try the Spyderco Triangle sharpmaker it seems to work fine on my Vaquero Grande.
Lynn definitely has his own style of selling knives but the bottom line is his products work...at least all that I've used and the one time I did have any problems it was promptly corrected. Everyone has their own style and obviously it's worked for CS but probably the quality in itself has been the successful edge more so than Lynn's tactics. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Lynn, but if I get the chance I bet he's a hell of a nice guy to sit down and talk with away from general business - as are most makers/manufacturers I've met.

As for Tactical Knives, I don't see where the current issue was a pro-CS advertisement. Like someone else mentioned on this thread, Steve Dick's article was straight talk and common sense in my opinion.

The magazine always has a good variety of makers and blades inside. I guess how and what we read into it is our own personalities at work. - Jeff

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I read the Michael Janisch article with interest. This was the first comprehensive review of the CS Tanto line I had seen for quite some time. I thought it was well written, objective and informative. For the first time I saw what steels were used in San Mai III.

Life is too short for me to worry about how Lynn Thompson spends HIS advertising money. I like his products. I have read on the forums that CS service is not good. I wouldn't know. I have never had a problem with CS products.