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tactical knives on sale/when?

Jan 27, 1999
bill wolf told me he got the new tactical knives mag but i cant find it anywhere....anyone know when it comes out in the news stands?

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Yo, Tom, nice write up! I found it yesterday (2-09)...if you cant find one, let me know...


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hello tom - i got mine a few days ago at a barnes & noble bookstore. if you have a local one, i would try them. it was an excellent write-up. great pics of your work also!

In my fair city it's hot or miss on the news-stands re: knife publications. I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go back to subscription, I usually am a month or so behind IF I find an issue. When I asked at a local B & N the clerk sniffed that there wasn't enough demand to carry it (TK). The attitude was as though I'd asked for a copy of Serial Killer's Monthly, jeez.
Tactical Knives, at $14.95 for a year, makes the subscription worth it...I've found that B&N's vary tremendously in their magazine coverage. Borders, on average, seems to be better.

I was told that there's usually an in-house person who keeps them up and decides what to carry and order when it comes to "marginal" special interest magazines. That may be why the closest B&N buries their Soldier of Fortunes, knife, and gun magazines behind martial arts ones...


The Tactical Knives is in most places by this time. Its easy to spot it has the new LDC F5 Series on the front cover!

I apologize in advance for this shameless plug!

Les Robertson
LDC Custom Knives
thanks for all the advice....i have a subscription....wolf got his a week and a half ago...mine still hasnt come....i worked on this project over a year ago with butch winter at the shot show in vegas and have been waiting ever since....kinda like the government dont you think? i found out that they have it at B&N but its an hour away from where i live...no go at borders..looked yesterday.....and speaking of plugs..did you guys check out my new website at mayoknives.com? thanks again...tom

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