Tactical Talk Forum: Should we expand it to include Martial Arts as well?


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Oct 2, 1998
Hey All!

I wanted to run this idea past you guys, and get your feedback: Should we expand the mission of the Tactical Talk forum to include Martial Arts, and similar topics? Yes, I know, those kinds of questions are already asked there now (sort of) but I wanted your feedback on whether or not we should actively pursue this area as well.

Let us hear your thoughts and ideas on the subject.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Yes. My interest in knives came through my new interest in the Filipino Martial Arts. I suspect lots of FMA and other weapons related art foks are a significant segment of the "tactical" knives set.

Their imput and involvement (and some are already here) would benefit other users and perhaps help shape manufacturers' direction in meeting these ELU's.

Discussion of Martial Craft and Science, can be ugly, and may not reflect well in our PC world....

It could be an image nightmare???


PS. I have studied, study now, and will study until the day I die...

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In a word... YES!


Leo Daher
Absolutely! Fighting systems from all over the world are the basis of a well rounded tactical system. In all honesty, all techniques and systems, especially shooting sytsems are Martial Arts. I happen to prefer the term Martial Way to Martial Art, but that is a whole seperate debate.
Personally, I'd prefer that to be the subject of a separate forum. Keep the Tactical Forum as-is. JMHO.

Well, we already do, so, yeah. Tactics and martial arts go hand in hand. Who cares if its not PC? Knives aren't PC!



If you must, make it a seperate one as Kelly (Senator) suggested. But, quite frankly, I'd much prefer what we have now in BFC. Martial Arts are but one tangentally aligned area that any given knife aficionado can make a case for inclusion here. We already decided it appropriate for firearms to be a sister site instead of being here. What's next? Survival skills? Y2K measures? Hunting? Julia Childs on wild game preparation?

All kidding aside, I've opined elsewhere that KFC looks to be evolving to cater to the martial arts and both MD and Microtech knives. All three categories are great subject areas and have their devotees. BFC on the otherhand is evolving in other directions not the least of which is helping those new to more upscale knives get an appreciation of what they offer. They get to mix it up with a great cross section of the industry and "ELUs" from all walks of life and with varied cutlery experience. Shifting the emphasis away from this and the great ideas you guys have projected like the interactive Netzine to include the peripheral , I think would be a mistake. The best course would be another sister site that has forums for different disciplines. In other words, if you're going to do it, do it right, as has been done with the Firing Line. Leave BFC to knives: care, feeding, collecting, making, manufacturing, designing, selling, swapping, displaying, etc.


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i think that we do need a martial arts forum here on bladeforums. maybe something separate from the tactical forum. maybe get someone well versed in several arts, especially FMA to moderate it? i know i would participate daily. besides, i don't think it would hurt to try it, would it? maybe one of those trial forums, like rec.knivesII.

Yes, I'm in favor.

Look, way WAY back when things started there were seperate subforums for knifemaking and all OTHER aspects of crafting, including sharpening, maintanence, testing, etc. I asked that it all be combined into one, along with sheathmaking and recently, threads on kydex armor. It's become the "knife and related craftsmanship" forum, which is GOOD.

It means cross-discipline skills are discussed in the same place, you get a stronger "flow of ideas".

Knifeforums now has *four* tactical forums if you count the Mad Dog's forum. It's caused a "spread" of ideas...I haven't been able to keep up with Harry's spot, I have a long-standing respect for Thad, Hilton and Kevin and try and track all of theirs but...it's a MESS and it's "splitting the tactical people into multiple chunks".

That strikes me as nuts. In Shop Talk I think we've been successful with a "more is less" approach.

I think Tactical can work the same way. A martial arts/way subforum that "goes it's own way" while "segregated" from weapons talk could devolve into an endless "circle-jerk"...see also rec.martial-arts (yuck!).

Jim March
As others have said, if you must have more discussion on MA, let it be on a dedicated Forum of its own.
Tactical Talk deals with enough interesting topics on its own. Let's not bog it down with endless flap over which fad style of fighting is best this week.
Nothing against those who specialize, its just that topic would work much better in its own place!

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It is impossible to talk about knife fighting without delving into MA. So, yes, I say we should pursue it actively. Doesn't matter to me how it is pursued though.
I agree with everything bald1 said.
'cause I'm a man who thinks for himself


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Seems like a good idea to me. Sounds like a good way to disseminate some much needed info. Can't fight with a knife if you can't fight.
It seems many others have seen problems with online forums devoted to the MAs. I have too...but, I really think we can do better.

It's worth trying. It's necessary to avoid insulting other styles, especially individual teachers, unless you've got somebody completely universally reviled such as Ashida Kim.

We haven't had a serious squabble around here yet, and I don't think an MA forum or discussion will tip us over.

Jim March
I am in agreement with Blade. There are so many disciplines in Martial Arts I am of the opinion that it would get bogged down in whose style is best and why. I come here to discuss knife related topics, if I want to discuss Martial Arts I would rather go to a forum that is dedicated to that. The name of the forum says it all - Bladeforums - not alltypesofselfdefenseforums.
Just my opinion.
I am in agreement with Blade. There are so many disciplines in Martial Arts I am of the opinion that it would get bogged down in whose style is best and why. I come here to discuss knife related topics, if I want to discuss Martial Arts I would rather go to a forum that is dedicated to that. The name of the forum says it all - Bladeforums - not alltypesofselfdefenseforums.
Just my opinion.
Has anyone else noticed that the tactical forums seem to run towards "the flavor of the day"? For a long time the hot forum was Hilton's Ground Zero. Then the Tactical Forum here on BF was getting the bulk of the action. For a short while it was the GSGI forum on KF but that quickly died when Thad started his forum which now seems to generate the most intense posting. No disrespect intended to anyone, particularly the moderators of these forums. I check them all and post regularly. It's just an observation. I may be totally out to lunch. (Hmmm...lunch