TACTICAL TESTING VIDEOS: Busse vs OntarioRAT vs Benchmade vs Gerber

Wow, those tests were brutal! I'm surprised the blades held up! Especially the FBM test! :eek:
I think that the Yari won.

Did you see the Stab & Cut in lightening Time ?


It was obvious though that the Channels on the Busse kept Splatter in the Correct Direction.

Wow, some realy extreme tests ya'll got going on here. Cant say that i'm too impressed with how the tests were administered. See, i would have kept all the testing material the same for each knife. No wonder they're still analyzing the data
Well, at least the A-F survived the dreaded Twizzler test; the same size one I had would fail a light spine-whack every time. So, we can say that it is safe to cut gummy candies with the blade, just don't do it around any obstructions.
That's great! Put's retard boys tests in perspective now don't it.. especially considering that most people will put their knives in situations as brutal as yours much more often.
He even put the FBM through a series of "AIR CHOPS":eek:

Not to brag, but I already knew it could handle that:cool:
I've had about enough of all this brutal testing:mad: ! Poor knives:( !
Okay on my next test. Are you ready for this ? I will attempt to destroy a Butter finger.

Who will survive and what will be left of them ?
The RAT-7 test was weak OK, what no almonds give me a break ;)

LOL very funny.


It's amazing to see just how tough some of those knives actually are!

:D :D :D :D :D
Finally definitive video proof The Rat-7 is hell on a mini Hershey. I wounder how well it well stand up to a full size Hershey ? Push them to the limit.