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Tactical Watch!!!

Mar 9, 1999
I was responding in the T&MA forum, and had a brainstorm: A tactical watch! I've got some ideas, so if someone would be interested in doing it, contact me.

"If it's a dumb idea and it works, it's not a dumb idea"- Not my quote...just keep it in mind before you shoot me down.
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Firstly, let me pass barf bags around for those who are about to hurl at the thought of yet another piece of utility device going "tactical".

Don't mean to put down your great idea, but this thread's been covered in the past too. Like pens, there doesn't seem to be a clear winner, but there are certainly some favorites. I vaguely remember G-shocks, Tag Heuers(sp?).. oh, and one vote from Walt Welch for Rolex.

Currently, I am wearing a Timex Humvee right now and it seems to be doing well so far. This is after a Timex Expedition analog kind of croaked on me. The one thing I really don't like about the Humvees are all the sharp edges. Call me a sissy, but it pokes me and I don't like that. You know what I would really like though? That SAK with the black metal band. Oooh. Ahhh. Someday maybe.

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Make mine analog, thankyouverymuch! You can't beat the Luminox "Navy Seals" for being easy to read at night, and mine has held up to plenty of handgun shooting.
Someone beat you to it. Except the knife doesn't come with a blade, it comes with a garrote. There is a belt with same out on the market also. All I remember is that both pieces are expensive.
Already have mine: The Casio G-shock.

Put it like this, when I was still in the military, 9 out of 10 guys in my unit wore one, with the tenth wearing an IronMan or something similar until it broke. They just started adding lights to them when I got out in 94, so there's really no excuse not to have one now...

IMHO, you can keep your Rolex, I don't have that kind of cash to through around, and I want something that if it breaks or comes off, I'm not going to really sweat it too badly. The G-Shock has preformed admirably for me in all sorts of environments, but there are others that will probably do just as well these days.


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No, not just a watch that can take beating. By the way, I had one model of Timex's shock resistant series. Don't let that piece of rubber (ya know, the one that looks like it's anchored in really well?) get caught on anything, 'cuz it peels right off like a week old Fruit Roll Up.
Anyway, what I'm talking about is something designed to be used as a weapon. I'm not talking about a laser or anything. All nylon, steel, titanium, etc. Face out of bulletproof glass. And not some piece of crap like you'd find in the back of Boy's Life magazine. No moving parts. You get the idea. I'm talking something that would deliver a real beat-down.
The4th's got the idea! Something like that, yea. You would swing this thing in order to inflict pain. Actually, I'm going to email him, and see what he thinks. So far, I'm just getting the dreaded Bladeforums Beat-down (where in a very civil manner, your thoughts get ripped to shreds).
You CAN be imaginitively practical, ya know.


I'll go with Spark on this one, A CASIO G-SHOCK!
My story is, i took off the watch while i was driving one day and when i reached home, i totally forgot about it and it ended up in the middle of the road outside my house. Before i know it, my neighbour drove over it. (It was a SUV!) To my horror, (it cost me $300 a pop) i ran and found that it was still running fine. Nothing broken just minor scratches on the back and that's it! NOW how about that for TACTICAL?! Oh and if you still think it is not good enough, try thier TITANIUM G-SHOCKS! Just my 2 cents worth.
Check out the old series starring James Coburn in "In Like Flint" and "Our Man Flint". His watch could do just about anything. Not to mention his tactical lighter!!

Forget the watch. How about a Bladeforums computer mouse with a blade, so we can "click" and "flick" our way through the forum.
First of all, some of us, couldn’t read a digital watch if we didn’t have our glasses on, so stick to analog.

Secondly, SB: I saw that black SAK watch in Rolling Stone last year when it first came out. $300 or somewhere above that. I lusted for it mightily and started figuring out ways to buy one. Luckily, I stopped in a jewelry store and saw it before I bought. It looked to me like a black plastic watch! Ugly!

For what it’s worth, eh?


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Here's a link to a tactically-minded watch company: www.hescowatches.com/

Their "Israeli Military Watches" not intended to double as edged weapons, but the importers also have a large line of tritium gunsights.

I suspect that a knife-watch would be "performance-challenged" as either a knife or a watch, and it would be seen as such a nasty and clandestine thing that you would be treated as an assassin if you used it in what would otherwise be a lawful self defense.

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here's my idea on the Tac-Watch: it's designed to inflict pain when stolen from your wrist. When the mugger demands your watch, simply depress the button on the crown and hand it to him. Precisely one hour later, when he is showing it to his hoodlum buddies, a two-inch lancet shoots into the artery on his wrist. Send THAT one to Q.

Plastic?! I thought it was all metal. I'm going to have to go take a look again.
I love my G-shock. But I do have one complaint. When my department is wearing long sleeve uniform shirts in the winter i vcant wear my G-shock. Its too big to fit under the shirt sleeve. I have to switch to my Ironman for winter use, while on duty anyway.


Alright, I been thinking about it. I'm not quite sure HOW it would fasten, but it would not be set up like any current watch. The face itself would still be digital (sorry analog fans. this is my little fantasy kinda thing). There would not be 2 straps, but one long one (I guess 10-12"), maybe even nylon cord, instead. The casing would be either steel or titanium, and it would have a steel plate on the back, for weight. Face cover: bulletproof glass. This would chump those G-shocks.

Depending on the fastening system it could have a large steel bead of some sort, also for striking, or for retension while swinging the other end. Remember guys, my daily carry for most of the year is NOTHING, because I can't have weapons. I still think this watch is a good idea. Thanks for any and all input.


That black SAK watch IS all metal. It just looks like black plastic - that’s why I changed my mind about wanting it.


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Hi All,

Considering I spend the other 50%
of my time on TimeZone discussing watches, I have a few suggestions. First, the Sinn EZM1 is regarded as THE tactical watch...designed for the German GSG-9 border patrol, it is filled with Argon gas (for long term lubrication of the movement) and copper sulphate (to remove moisture from the movement) and it is one tough @#&*...check it out at: http://home.earthlink.net/~bobhwd/ezm1.htm
Another "tactical" watch is the Breitling Emergency (one of my favourites) which is equipped with an emergency beacon transmitter (121.5 mhz on the civilian version, 243 mhz for the military) that can emit a distress call audible for over 100km (though not to the human ear of course
Finally, Mido (I think) makes a watch called the "Bodyguard" which contains a personal alarm (120db I believe). I am not sure, but i think they also offer a survival watch with fishing line and a compass.