TAK-1 Sheath Recommendations???

Nov 6, 2007
Hello Folks,

I would like to ask for your recommendation on a sheath for my TAK-1.
Currently, I have the nylon sheath that it came with. I would like to upgrade
to a better sheath, perhaps a Kydex. My intention is to be able to mount it to my belt or to my backpack. Please advice on other options. Please provide websites or online companies that I can order it from. If you also know of a Forum member here that can customize one, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your assistance. -SPEX
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I have the same problem. The TAK1 I have was used and came with an odd sheath -maybe a really old version. I would like a serious sheath for this knife too.
thanks banana-clip for the help...

I just emailed him for a price quote....
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Ive got a custom leather sheath i got made at JRE industries. Excellent quality and fits my TAK like a glove.
Im on my mobile now so ill try to post some pics when i get back to my laptop.
Thanks kmm, I just check out their website. Looks very classy with the leather and all...
The sheath i ordered is the dangler type so i can wear it while wearing a pack with a hipbelt, but the cool thing about this sheath is that it converts to a regular-styled sheath with a solid metalclip instead of a beltloop.
So on regular dayhikes i wear it clipped to my hip. The clip is real solid and sits tight on your pants or belt also when you unsheath your knife.

The guys at JRE will make you any sheath you want to your exact specifications. Mine cost me 65USD including 10USD for shipping to Denmark. Picked the color, style, setup and so forth.




I made one from the black ABS pipe.

Cut to length, heat in oven, when its hot and pliable pull it out of the oven, put knife in where ya want, press between two thick phonebooks. Doesn't take long to cool and harden.

The one I made has awesome retention and no rattle. maybe you can mod it a bit to fit your needs. I just strap mine to my pack, but I'm sure you could figure some way to make it easy to wear on your person. Hell, I have worn mine like a neck knife, not for long tho. :)

That is just wicked!

I think for whatever that will cost it is worth a try for sure. What temperature did you heat it at not to melt-ify it?
Re-reading my old post http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=526778 , where I got the idea I said 275degress.

If I remember correctly I let it sit on a foil covered cookie sheet in the oven until the edges stated to bubble just a bit, and that may have been a little much. It will be very pliable and should cool fairly quickly.

Don't worry if you mess up, just put it back in the oven. I overlapped the pipe onto the handle slabs by maybe an 1/8". When I sandwiched the knife in the pipe between the phone books one was on the ground and i just stood on top the other for maybe 2 mins. Don't use pvc, it just doesn't work as well as the ABS stuff.

Good luck.
I used to do that with pickle buckets.
keep the heat under 225f or it gets weird.
sometimes you can soak the plastic in boiling water and get it doft enough, as well.
Looks preety solid enix. I'd describe as No Frills, But Realiable and Functional.
Sort of what I'm looking for.

Oh by the way Government, I found another site called Red Hill Sheaths, they quoted me a price of $47 for a Black Kydex w/ lock system. I didn't realize a quality
sheath cost this much... I guess you get what you pay for....
Yah, they are spendy. I am going to try and make one of those ABS pipe sheaths to hold me over; I will probably end up buying a custom sheath sooner or later.

I really like the "Leg Strap Thigh Rig" that is listed on the Red Hill site. Seems like a comfortable way to carry a larger knife.

Thanks for the link.:thumbup:
I had mine made by JRE. Beautiful work.
Here is the link to it (yes that is my actual TAK and the sheath).



Mr. Coffee now you got me thinking of a leather set-up, that sure fits really well, sort-of like OJ's glove. Just kidding..... very nice Black Leather, how much did you pay for it, if you don't mind?
Mr. Coffee now you got me thinking of a leather set-up, that sure fits really well, sort-of like OJ's glove. Just kidding..... very nice Black Leather, how much did you pay for it, if you don't mind?

Well at the time they hadn't made a sheath for the TAK-1 so I had to pay for a custom.... I dont remember exactly but I think it was around $40. The sheath actually looks better then the photos, and whatever I paided for it, it was worth it. :)