Takes a lickin'...

Oct 3, 1998
A lot of postings have been made regarding the ideal fighter. I'd like to know what folders people feel are the best when you need a worker, not a fighter.

I know that the Sebenzas will get high marks, but what else is out there that you guys have liked in low, medium and upper price ranges? Are there any knives that were billed as being tough as nails that turned out to be disappointments?


Egads, where have you been reading this? Anyone who espouses to the concept of an ideal fighter is probably a few buffalo wings short of a sample platter, unless it was a personal opinion that speaks only for themselves.

In terms of tough as nails working knives, I've always found overbuilt knives intended for "combat" to be just as useful as any workers. Again, I agree with Steven Dick's sentiment that a folder is a tool first and a weapon second. Still, in terms of selection, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of good utility knives, but only a handful good enough to fight with IMHO. And so that's how I pick mine. As always, YMMV.

You make a good point, SB, the qualitites that make a good fighting folder also make a good working folder, but the defense part has more stringent requirements. My folders have to be first rate in defense and then utility comes in a close second, because they usually handle both just as well.
Currently my favorite WORKER is my Pioneer swept point. It seems to fill both gaps well for a medium/small folder. It is a little short for a defender but it would do, and Iike it because it is innocent looking and I can take it everywhere, which is the first requirement of any knife..

The CRKT S-2 Frame Lock (7503) is the poor man's Sebenza. In fact, Chris Reeve oughtta sue their asses because their design for all practical purposes, is identical.

The only major differences I can see are the the use of torx screws (a plus in my book), the bead-blasted ATS-34 blade (a minus in my book), the washers (nylon, delrin, teflon? - whatever the case, they can't match the Sebenza's phosphor-bronze), the blade shape (slimmer with a more tip and less belly), and the curved handle.

My one complaint is the titanium clip with it's pointy tip. Fortunately, a little filework will fix it right up.


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I don't know too much about fighting knives but here is how I feel about some of the work knives I've carried:
1. big Case 2 blade folder. Non-locking blades. 2 blades are nice, you can sharpen one fine and one coarse. I wish I knew that then.
2. Buck 110 & 112. These used to be the kings of work knives. They're still good knives for the money.
3. Swiss Army knives. I have about 10 of them. I still carry a small one at work. The blades are easier to get out than multi-tools.
3. Spyderco Mariner. An early one with non-beveled handle. I always thought it was too heavy and the handle was too thin for long term use. I released the lock a couple of times by accident with my thumb.
4. Gerber EZ Out. Nice handle but the choil (?) is too thin compared to the blade. I was cutting some nylon straps and the blade kept catching like a hook. I'm not sure if I'm expaining this correctly.
5. Multi-Tools. I had an old Gerber and a couple of Leathermans. They were all great. You still need a regular knife though.
6. Mini-AFCK and serrated Endura. These are my two big work knives now. I don't go out in the field anymore
so they get used pretty sparingly.

"Anyone hear of Kershaw"?...They make a great reasonbly priced folder G-10 Stark Ridge, which when sharpened with a serrated blade make a great utility knife that I'm not afraid to loose. I know it's no MT, but how can you loose for the price and it's US made!
Fred, you seem to know enough about knives to make this an easy one...I'm usually reading your posts!...unless there are 2 Freds.


I just ordered a pocket hobbit. I'll be interested to see if the REKAT knives are as "overbuilt" as they say. I'll let you know...