Taking apart a Schrade Clip Hanger??

Dec 11, 2000
I found a Schrade clip Hanger(small version) at a local bike trail, the knife is in great shape, but seems to have some sand inbetween the blade and the handle (the pivot) it opens really gritty. i would like to take this apart and clean it up, it'd be a nice small game hunting knife. It has 2 bolsters, one at the pivot and one near the back of the handle. it looks like i would just take a small punch and tap these out...but i dont want to ruin it.

Anyone familliar with these knives and how to take them apart? I'm trying to find a pic of it, so far no luck. Once i find a pic i'll post it.

Thanks a lot guys

If this picture accurately reflects the knife you've got, it looks like the plastic handles are pinned -- meaning I don't think you'd be able to take it apart.

You could try flushing it out with some WD40, then re-lubricating sparingly with something more suitable once the WD40's oozed out. I seem to recall hearing negative comments on the cliphanger knives -- does anyone else have one, and were you happy with yours?
Ah, the Cliphanger, one of the worst knives I've seen come out of the Schrade factory. The Lake and Walker 2 isn't any better.:barf:
From what I've heard, you could not possibly "ruin" the Cliphanger, based on the poor product you're starting with. I would bet you cannot tap out the pins, as they are like rivets. I don't think you'd want to trust the knife as a hunter either, the lock is very flimsy - but since the crappy steel is so soft, that might not pose a real danger ;).

Flush it with WD-40, using tyhe hi-presure red straw, and while opening & closing to get in all the nooks & crannies. Then wash good with dish soap & water to remove all the WD. Wipe, air, or blow dry immediately. Put some real lube (Miltec, White Lighteneing, Tuf Glide)into the pivot.

The knife will not be better quality, but will work smoother. Don't try to use it in any "hard" manner.
I agree, it isnt the greatest knife(or anywhere near the greatest knife) i just like all my knives, crappy or good to work nicely. it'll work fine for my use (skining rabbits) but i'll probably still carry my CRKT folder as well.

I'll do the WD trick...i might try to take it apart, one side of the pins is smaller than the other, which leads me to belive i might be able to put it back together....and if i can, oh well, i lost a whole 5 minutes:)

Thanks a lot
i know the company doesnt want you to,but heres how to take it apart. i found this to be the most effective way of getting rid of all the problems.

-cut down a tree
-place the knife on the newly formed stump (if you already have a stump,then what the hell did you cut down that tree for?!?!
-walk about 100 yards, carrying your favorite bolt action rifle
-put your sights on the knife that is sitting on the stump
-slowly squeeze the trigger...

no more problems.

I'm still mad at the guy who when they first came out wrote in a knife mag. that they were the best knife under $50.Right after reading that (I was just getting into knives)a guy at work wanted a good but fairly cheap knife,so.... I said try out one of these here cliphangers I hear there good.

When he brought it in man I felt bad.Oh well at least I didn't buy one.;)