Talk about customer service

Feb 6, 2000
Last week I lost the thumb disc to my SARK while I was cuting crime scene tape. I saw the disc go flying into some grass,. it being two in the morning and a whole bunch of people were starting to congregate I knew that the disc was "lost to antiquity".
I called EKI Tuesday afternoon. I talked to the lady that answered (I didnt catch her name) she was very polite and started asking all my info to get the new disc delivered. Well she told me it would be about a week before it got there. I said ,"you mean this is gona be free?"
She said,"Yes they arn't supposed to do that."
Well I was so happy I ordered a hat to go along with the new thumb disc.
Well today the big brown toy box paid me a visit and I got my new thumb disc and new Emerson Hat. hey i thought that was great . You know i wish the car companies were like that
I've also had good experience with EKI CS. I had a problem with a stripped clip screw. Friendly on the phone and the clip screws were delivered 4 days after the phone call.