Talkin' About the Mission Folder in A2

Jan 10, 1999
How come no one is talking about the Mission Knives Ti folder with the A2 blade? I can't wait! The Ti blade version is too specialized for me, but an A2 model.....oh, baby. I love the look and feel of the original. Anybody else interested, or am I getting worked up over nothing?

I hope the A2 blade is coated though.

Not too many people can talk about it because they are not in production yet. To get a good impression here the comparison of both versions:


The coating of the A2 blade it TiAlNi (Titanium Aluminum Nitride), very hard stuff.
Bernie-It's actually a frame lock ala Sebenza.

But..lots of sharp corners, especially on the ramp and studs..

THATS too bad....

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Right, it's a frame lock or integral lock or whatever you wanna call it. That's the best part of it! Well, besides the A-2 steel. I have not examined a production version, but on the very VERY early prototype, I also found the knife had some "rough edges" to it. Those might all be cleaned up in production by now, hopefully handle one when they come out to be sure.

I have all Ti versions in stock and have not noticed the sharp corners myself, neither have any of my customers who have looked at them.

I don't recall the steel version specifically from the Shot Show this year but, it was not a production model as I recall and suspect that may be why the "sharp" corners were noted. When I have spoken to Mission about these knives, and Cliff's, they alluded to some minor tweaks to address user feedback to improve the knife.

Sid, your opinion on the Mission folder vs. the sebenza and the prices on the Missions you have in stock?

I'm a bit curious these days about pricing as well, since I haven't heard anything in a while about this. I'm starting to think seriously about one, but would like a bit more info about the different sizes, blade styles, and future availability at the same time.

Don LeHue

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