Talon sheath mods?


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Mar 19, 2000
I appreciate the efficiency of design and resultant slim and comfortable performers these slick Talons are. It's a shame that the same concept was carried forward int o the sheath, or should I say sheath attachment method.

The kydex sheath that comes with the Talon really isn'y that bad regarding compactness and efficiency, but then that big, bulking TecLock is put on there and it changes the profile considerably. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against TecLocks, it's just that it seems counterintuitive to the design if the knife and the sheath.

Question: Has anyone modified their Talon sheath so as to accept a slimmer connection method, like a "j" or "g" clip?

Any thoughts, ideas or experiences to share?
I agree. Those tekloks are way too big. I tried carrying it neck knife style but it ended up falling out of the sheath a couple of times! So now I just put the talon in my back pocket without the teklok.
I think the TecLoc is a GREAT idea, however, for fat folks like myself, the corners of the TecLoc keep jabbing me in my innertube (that "ring-a-round-the belly"). I would like to see a TecLoc with a rounded profile at the top and bottom and do away with all of the corners.
Before I gave my Talon to my father I replaced the Tech Lock with a G clip from another sheath for IWB carry.

It was a very simple exercise.
The road calls, and I'll be gone for the rest of this week[7/23-29]. I'll try to check in when I get near a friendly computer. Ya'll play nice, and I hope some of thre regulars will answer questions until I get back. Take care....
I think Will responded once on this matter and said that a loop attachment for IWB carry is available from the maker of the TechLock.
I know for a fact that Blade-Tech (the maker of the Tek-Lok) also makes "Pull-The-Dot" snap loops. They work GREAT, and are stiff enough they can be used IWB or OWB. I myself don't have any problem with the Tek-Lok, but have also used the PTD loops on sheaths I have made. You can order the loops direct from Blade-Tech, individually or in sets (they originally were designed to be used with IWB handfun (oops, typo - or Freaudian slip- handgun ) holsters.
Hey Guys...

Hang in there I've got a Talon coming..:)Unfortunately I wasn't able to afford a Talonite model,,maybe one day..Been waiting to get one of these Beauties since they came out..

Can hardly wait to wrap some Hot Concealex around one..:)


Good to see you here! I just checked out your website to see if you offered a sheath for the Talon, or if I'd need to send mine to you. I'll be in touch in the next couple of days.

BTW, the sheath that came with my Talon only retained it very very lightly, and it quickly loosend up to the point that if I just held it upside down and gave it a gentle shake, the knife would drop free. Having read an earlier thread about the same problem, I contacted Camillus' customer service, and they told me to send them the sheath for a replacement. I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but then again I only sent the sheath off a week ago. Camillus' customer service seems to be top notch, and Will's attentive presence on this forum was a large reason why I decided to try a knife I've never handled. WhooHoo Will and Camillus! :)

I picked up two of the 154CM Talons. One sheath was sort of loose (I didn't want to carry it inverted on a backpack strap), then I got a trade offer for it and swapped it away. Then I opened the next one, and the sheath is great! They were the same shipment and everything, but one fit much better than the other. Go figure.
i have a mini talon that a absolutely LOVE!!!! BUT, the sheath is more than TWICE as wide as the blade!!! this, coupled with the lack of a nice, svelte clip, made me try a mini tek lock. sure, the lock works, but now the knife is about 3 times as big as it is nekkid. seems SUCH a shame to stick such a great mini into a sheath and carry system that turns it into a bear. i did have to drill an extra hole in the tek lock so that i could carru the knife in the SOB 45 degree crossdraw that at least makes it comfortable. BUT, the sheer size has made me think twice about carrying it. and as far as a neck knife, my significant other is no fan of that method, and it really is inconvenient for accessing it for everyday tasks while in a shirt and tie, or even a tucked in shirt. any suggestions for maiing this jewel shine!!?????

Originally posted by vactor
....any suggestions for making this jewel shine!!?????

See my post above regarding Pull-the-Dot snap loops for concealex/kydex sheaths. I highly recommend them, especially in the situation you're talking about.

I am currently carrying my Mini-Talon behind my belt in the Front Right Belt Loop. It doesn't require any type of clip but I do have a piece of paracord tied to the sheath and looped around the belt loop as insurance. I actually left the cord long enough to allow me to stash the Mini Talon in my Right Front Pocket if even more discretion is called for.

The knife is reasonably discrete and readily available.
Originally posted by Jehster

BTW, the sheath that came with my Talon only retained it very very lightly, and it quickly loosend up to the point that if I just held it upside down and gave it a gentle shake, the knife would drop free. Having read an earlier thread about the same problem, I contacted Camillus' customer service, and they told me to send them the sheath for a replacement....

Well I have just received new Talon. I have one already (I think I bought it about an year ago) and the new Talon shows exactly the same problems with the sheath as the first one. I won this one in auction and I was told it was purchased directly from Camillus and that the knife was new. I have no doubts that the knife is new. But I wonder whether replacing the sheath actually solves the problem? The knife purchased one year ago had sheath problems, this knife purchased maybe one month ago has the same problem.

I already know how to solve it - one extra rivet plus spacer under the handle scales - so I am not complaining..... I am just wondering whether the problem was really solved by the manufacturer....

The Talon you just got must have one of the old sheaths - the replacement sheath I received for the Talonite Talon & the one that came with the 154CM version I got Tuesday are both great - why it had an older sheath, who knows? The main thing is you can remedy the problem easily(at least fairly easily!).

I love the 2 Talonite ones I have but am very impressed with the 154CM version I got the other day - every bit as well done as the others and it is SHARP!!! Could do without the partial serrations but they are very unobtrusive - almost can't even see them from the back - the new one will definately get some serious use - the only problem(?) with these two is I almost never get to carry the CETAN I got from Rob - I try to limit myself to one fixed-blade at a time! :D :D :p

My Talon just returned from Elite Tactical Carry Systems, today, along with another knife, and my new ArcLite.
Problems solved.
They are nothing short of phenomenal. Great retention, slim profile, and perfect fit. They are pictured with included belt loops, but also accept the small Tek-Lok. Each also came with a ball chain so they can be used as neckers. 1000% improvement over the Blade-Tech sheaths.
These are made by Bob Bailey and Allen Holtzapfel. Contact info is available at www.darrelralph.com along with pics of the ETCS rig for the BK&T Patrol Machete (gonna get one of those for my PM before it's all over with!).
Here's a quick scan:
DDR CF ArcLite (CF pattern sheath, too:))
Blackwood small Hunter
Camillus 154CM Talon