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Talonite and metal detectors

And, if detected, any perceived attempt to try to deceive the "detector" will be used as circumstantial evidence of "intent" should the "authorities" be inclined to take it further.

Not a flame, just food for thought.


Live Free or Die

Some Knife Pix

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I didn't take it as a flame. Here are my thoughts. If I had a small (< 3") custom pocket knife with a drop point blade, it is a tool, or even jewelry. If it didn't get picked up by a metal detector it wouldn't matter as there are other things I carry that don't get picked up, such as handkerchief, wallet, etc. On the off chance that security personel saw the knife and became upset, I would calmly explain that and politely ask to see a supervisor if they didn't understand. If they were allowed to prohibit my carrying it, then so be it. I have a right to prohibit what people bring into my home, I understand that some prohibitions might apply to me in other places. I just see an expensive, small gentlemen's pocket knife as jewelry, in other words, a non issue.