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Talonite and VG-10 at a medium finish

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
This is the conclusion to the previous two posts on Talonite. Here the MEUK and a VG-10 F1 are left with the finish of a fine DMT hone (12" rod) :


Since the main purpose of these three pieces of work was to examine Talonite's performance I will be collecting all of the results of the MEUK and presenting them together for clarification.

Cliff, another nice review. Thanks. As I am familiar only with US and Canadian steels, can you tell me what the composition of VG-10 is, and is there a comparable steel sold here?

Jerry Hossom
Jerry --

VG-10 is (courtesy of Spyderco):

C .95-1.05
Cr 14.5-15.5
Co 1.3-1.5
Mn .5
Mo .9-1.2
Ph .03
Si .6
V .1-.3

I don't know about availability. As far as comparable steels, if you look at the carbon, chromium, and vanadium, aus-10 is very close. 'course, that's a Japanese steel, too. I couldn't find any really close matches, but aus-10 seems as close as they get. If you want a big bump up in vanadium, then BG-42 isn't that far off either.

Jerry thanks, I had planned for sometime to start doing work with various grit finishes but put it off mainly due to the time it takes. It does give valuable information though as far as I am concerned and I will be doing this kind of thing from now on.

Thank you for your unyielding tenacity in search of meaningful comparisons which can accomodate comprehensive inquiry. By the way, I've been meaning to ask, what IS your tensile strength anyway?

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Jerry, thanks to Will, it will be various Cobalt based alloys and some dendretic materials. I also have a Project I coming, and will be looking at it in detail focusing on the steel performance (A2 can be really nice, it will be interesting to see Reeves heat treat) at various grits as with the Talonite, as well as comparing the performance of its hollow grinds to some flat ground blades I have over a variety of materials.

Will, thanks :

what IS your tensile strength anyway

Less than INFI currently.


Hmmmm.... so, for my purposes, I could just save myself some money and buy another Spyderco Moran or a Fallkniven instead of the CUDA Talon, eh?

Cliff, or anyone, wasn't it discussed earlier that the Moran's VG-10 appeared to be harder (Rc) than the Fallkniven? If that is the case, would the harder VG-10 perform even better in edge holding than the softer VG-10? Or is that too general a conclusion?

Nice report, Cliff. As always.

Rockspyder :

would the harder VG-10 perform even better in edge holding than the softer VG-10

As long as you didn't chip it out. I addressed this when I reviewed the Moran awhile back.

Right! Thanks Cliff. I always enjoy reading your reports.