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Talonite, love it or not?

Oct 2, 1998
It has been a while, so here goes... I am still in love with Talonite. Waiting for my Allen Blade Talonite Tactical Kitchen MEUK. I have several Mayo and Blade Talonite knives and other than they hold an edge forever, and cost a lot... great knives. I just wish Chris Reeve would bend and make a Talonite Sebenza... Come on Chris!!!! Will, come on, press Chris to let you do a Factory Semi-Custom! I love my Bob T designed CQB-1, now do one in Talonite!
You really need one of these......


A moderate size utility design like Rob Simonich's Cetan/Talon is much more appropriate for TALONITE than a 5.75" Fighter like the CQB1. That much TALONITE would be REALLY expensive

Don't worry, TALONITE isn't going away

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

I have heard talonite is too brittle for use in a large knife. The best use is in smaller knives where fine cutting is needed. Now I dont know if it is true but it could be one reason, next to expense as to why you dont see a lot of makes make camp or trail knives with this stuff.


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If Carbide Processors doesn't crank up the Talonite production. The Talon may soon be your ONLY Talonite choice!!
I don't understand their whole marketing/business strategy
2+ months to get material??


Talonite??? Stellite!!!
Knives in STOCK!! I just updated my website, PLEASE take a look :)

AncientSUL: actually, I believe that you are a bit confused. The problem with using Talonite (r) in large CHOPPERS (such as a machete) is twofold: the cost of the alloy and the tendency of the soft alloy to roll the edge. The 440 series of stainless would be better and cheaper.

Talonite works quite well in large knives. The prototype chef's knife (which had a 10" blade) is still performing quite well, according to Nick Blinoff, the lucky owner. He says he sharpens it every couple of months or so. A further example would be the Kit Carson large U-2 dive knife, pictured at top in the below pic. It is a full 12" long. Kit tells me that he sells these mostly to professional divers, mostly salvage experts. It follows, then, that these knives see tough use. Kit has never, in the 20 years of manufacturing these of Stellite (r) and Talonite (r), had one returned for blade failure. It is true that the top secondary edge has a more obtuse bevel than the primary edge. It is intended for extremely severe use, such as opening cargo strapping.
The problem of cost remains, however. The alloy for the large U-2 cost $350 (the 1/4" thickness is a special order item).

Other Talonite (r) knives in the photo; under the U-2, a 5 1/2" drop point hunter from Tom Mayo; linen micarta scales.

Two Kit Carson folders: a #18 with Ti scales, Talonite blade. A #18 slim, with c-fiber scales and Stellite blade (this knife weighs only 3 oz.!). Blade length on each is 4 1/4".

Darrel Ralph custom, similar to large Apogee, except no recurve; Talonite blade.

Rob Simonich Cetan (first one made); Ti scales, Talonite blade.

If attention is paid to blade geometry, Talonite is suitable for all sizes of knives, although other concerns, such as cost, may mitigate against its' use.

Hope this helps, Walt
Currently my love affair is with D2 ala Bob Dozier, however I still long to experience the Talonite(r) rush.


"A Talonite(r) wannabe"
Neil, there is no strategy, other than to have more Talonite on hand! The ONLY stock that is in short supply is the 1/8". And the ONLY reason is the Talon and Custom Talonite knives have been more popular than anticipated. There is a 16 week lead time on manufacturing, and great pains have been taken to not run out again.

Walt, nothing to add to your post, thanks for covering that for me!

Sorry if I sounded PI$$Y!! I like the material, I was seeing the demand increase for the material. I was just getting rolling with the stuff and.... (fart noise)!
When it arrives, let me know!

Knives in STOCK!! I just updated my website, PLEASE take a look :)

No problem Neil, I know what you mean! I dont have any 1/8" Talonite either! There will be some available in the next week or so, and there should be plenty of stock in 2001.

I think the reason that there isn't much talonite available is because Walt has it ALL!


Originally posted by copfish:
I love my Bob T designed CQB-1, now do one in Talonite!

Hi Copfish,

Would you mind telling me who did it for you. I wouldn't mind CQB2 in Talonite.


Oops, I guess I got too excited ... you just want one ...

And it is hard to not to agree with Will, but 4" blade like CQB-2 has wouldn't be too big either.


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I suddenly got this feeling of deja vu...

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I apologize that we cannot fill every Talonite order immediately. We have not done as good a job as we should have explaining just how high end this alloy is and how hard it is to make. This alloy is expensive even by military standards. They only use it where a lesser alloy just will not do. For years the demand has been growing but growing slowly. Again I apologize because I just did not think there were that many knife users who could really tell and appreciate the difference in this alloy.

Dear Dr. Lathe, there are certain, very high end things that just take a while to get. Making really top end alloy is sort of like making a really top end knife. Gathering the special materials, the long time actually doignthe work and the intense dedication to quality all add to the time required. We do not like it and we are working on it.

Talonite (1/8" only) is in short supply because it is very hard to make and because the demand in the knife industry has shot up faster and higher than we expected. We have about a 6 month lead time on it. We have dramatically increased our commitment stocking Talonite which means we have agreed to have a lot more made than we had made previously.

Our only marketing strategy is to make our customers as happy as possible.

Uglyjim is the winner of our latest contest. I've never met Ugly Jim but he wrote a heck of a nice thank you note. Part of the reason we do these contests is that the winners have all been such great people.

We have another Talonite contest in January. Mike Turber and I have agreed to give away an Eric Wong design knife as made by Tom Mayo. Only three were made. One went to the designer, one went to the contest winner and we got the third knife. This knife comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is a really beautiful knife. We were discussing January. Is that still good, Mike?

We have a program going where we are going to get about six gentleman's pocket knives by different custom makers and see if we can get them featured in Esquire, Playboy, Forbes, etc. Tom Mayo made the first one. Paul Reynolds is making the second one. We may have some one for the third knife and numbers 4, 5 &6 are still open. (If Kit Carson can find time to finish a knife for me it will definitely be included. We are buying two knives and giving one away so there will be more contests.

P. S. Please don't pick on little Walty Welch. He has done a tremendous amount to develop new materials and generally promote the making of better knives. He has done it with his own money and has not asked for any thanks or recognition.

In addition he has been a big help to me personally. Many times he has told me "Tom, try not to step on your own wang quite so much" and offered other advice equally as good.