Talonite M.E.U.K


Oct 14, 1998
Just received my talonite M.E.U.K-1 this week! The fit and finish on the knife is excellent. The blade appears to be bead blasted and is coated with something similar to Greco knives. The handle is very different compared to the handle of my maddog labrat, which is in the same size range. The maddog handle is more ergonomic and is slightly more comfortable because of the thicker handle slabs. The handle on the M.E.U.K is also very comfortable in its own right and feels a little more secure because of the flared butt area and the texture of micarta. The flared butt area on the handle cannot be seen on the pictures because it requires a top view as if looking down the spine. If you take a birds eye view of the handle you will notice that there are three noticeable humps. One in the guard area to better prevent the hand from sliding forward. One towards the end of first 1/3 of the handle approximately where your middle finger rests. The last hump is on the butt of the handle. The profile of the handle resembles the contour of a vase if you look at it from a top view.

The first thing I did with the knife is whittle on some hard round sticks purchased from the local hardware store. The knife felt very comfortable and bit into the wood very easily. I whittled until I got bored and noticed that there was no difference in the edge. By the way, the knife came shaving sharp and easily shaved hair off of my arm. However, I did notice that the edge was not quite as hair popping sharp as O1, 1095, and other high carbon steels. Next I took the knife out to the yard and started cutting notches into a 2X4 that was laying in the yard. After cutting about 12 or so decent sized notches I inspected the edge and noticed that it is still unaffected. I then proceeded to chop into the 2X4 by gripping onto the last third of the handle with only my thumb and first two fingers. This made chopping a little more effective. The knife was not a great chopper due to its size but still did a respectable job. I mainly wanted to test the ergonomics of the handle. The flared butt area made the knife feel fairly secure even while gripping only with my thumb and first two fingers. After about 30 chops I inspected the edge and did not see any chips or edge rolling. After the little workout the hard coat on the blade was pretty scratched up. I took out some steel wool and was able to take out most of the scratches. Since the edge was still good as new I decided to test it some more by cutting into the steel wool. The edge was noticeable duller afterwards. 10 strokes on each side of the Sharpmaker and it was shaving sharp again. In conclusion, the M.E.U.K makes a great utility knife and talonite can really hold an edge. To top it off, talonite is also very easy to touch up and resharpen. The only gripe I have is with the coating on the blade that tends to get marred up during heavy use. Since talonite is very corrosion resistant I really don't think that the coating would be necessary.
Does M.E.U.K. have a website?



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.


Thanks for the Kind words BAN.
Glad the Talonite MEUK performed well for you,I think the Talonite material is great for a General use Utility Knife. The hard coat finish is a bit overkill on talonite, since it is Rust proof under Normal everyday conditions, I put it on the TALONITE blades more to Provide lubrisity in the action of the Sheathing, as compared to a straight bead blast finish.

Its a finish i use on my Carbon steel blades to Provide the same action and to Aid in protection of the Material from Corrosion along with Tuff-cloth applied.

Anyway glad ya like the MEUK-1 and hope to do Future buisness with you BAN.

An i would like to Add that BAN was a pleasure to Talk with and do Buisness with.
I would recomend both He and Bcaffery and Mr Davidson as members of this forum i have had dealings with without a hitch, good guys all.

Thanks again , Allen Blade
Allen; you may wish to consider a satin finish on your Talonite (r) blades. The Talonite (r) has a reticular, lacy grain to it that is quite attractive.

Hope this helps, Walt

Satin finish isnt a problem at all to do,,just adds more cost to the knife is all , and is A pain in the Butt to refinish in a Timely and efficiant manner once it is marred and scratched up, other than that,,,not a problem.

Allen Blade

I just got my talonite M.E.U.K. from www.theedgeequipment.com

I am very impressed! Allen does excellent work. It is withot doubt one of the most comfortable knives I have ever handled. The design is excellent. I can already tell from the short time I have had it that it will be an excellent performer. And the price is hard to beat. I already want more of Allen's knives. Thanks for the great design Allen.

Dennis Bible

WOW thats a almost lifesize pic,cool!!

yep the web site is up and going i have a few more things to do to it but its up.
below is the link to it in my signature area.

Regards,,,,,, Allen


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Dennis, you RAT! You are the one that got that Talonite MEUK before I could get off of TDC!!!

Congrats. I hope to latch on to one of those, one of these days....

Nice job on the new website Allen. It was worth the wait.

Semper Fi
Hi Dennis,

Glad that you like the knife! I kinda had a feeling we were not going in the wrong direction with this one

Congrats on the new site also Allen and keep up the great work!

Back to work getting pics of all my new knives in stock and getting some Blade Show pages up and running,


Kevin Pensinger
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Make sure all 'yall check out Allen's web site. And do become a member of the Blade Board.
did you mean Rob Davidson of Rocket Knives?


No sir i was refferring to Paul Davidson a member here who i had dealings with,he won a prize knife i gave away for guessing what meuk was.



Allen Blade
Spokane,WA USA

" You can make great knives and sell a few, Or make Great AFFORDABLE knives and sell many"
WEB SITE : http://hometown.aol.com/bladecutlery/index.html
I just ordered a 5.5" Talonite MEUK from Allen. I also wanted an unsharpened false edge on it and Allen said no problem! Going with a custom maker wins hands down over a factory! You get what you want, how you want it... like Burger King!
Besides, Allen is a great guy to talk to! Great knives at reasonable prices!
The more I use mine, the more I like it. Allen does some of the best work I have seen. With the quality of work he does and the great prices, he should have a 2 year backlog. I am ordering a tadpole in talonite for everyday carry.

Dennis Bible