Talonite MEUK from Allen Blade

Cliff, Impressive to say the least!
I have that Talonite Carnivore that Rob Simonich made and find it's blade also a little thick edged but it still push cuts through leather well. I used it for slicing up grapefruit into nice bite size chunks and it worked well, as would be expected and no corrosion. I try and cut as much stuff, cardboard, plastic, and food stuff as possible to give this knife a work out, the handle is very comfortable and Rob did an excellent grind on the blade and an outstanding job on the knife overall! As far as if the Talonite is superior, I think you summed it up better than I ever could.
Would I part with mine, uh uh, no way, but is it my very very favorite knife? Too tough a question and too many knives. I still am looking for the `Perfect Knife!

Thanks again Cliff, don't know how you manage to do all that testing!