Talonite (r) knife contest winner

Jun 29, 1999
The winner of the EDI Genesis Talonite (r) knife and the EDI Genesis steel knife is Gary W Graley whose entry is below. The contest was actually a drawing. The reasons were for fun but this is a pretty clever entry.

Thanks to all who entered.


Gary W. Graley
Senior Member posted 01 July 1999 02:08 PM
Thank you for the knife, I like to say a few words abou....what? Oh I thought I won....hmmm why should I win, cause as over 2,000 others on this forum, I haven't won anything yet? Not good enough? well then.....
How about, My wife's name is Taloneena? And it be real swell if I could have such a neat knife that would be so close to my loving wife's name? (well her name could've been Taloneena, but it's not really, nuts, ahhh, an idea, I'll name my next child after the knife!)


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Gary, you lucky devil you!!! CONGRATS!!!

I was more shocked than the rest of you!

I still can't believe it!!!

I can't wait for those knives! It's just too special....

Thanks again Tom!!!!

And yes, you guys are allowed to envy me, just a little....

Maybe you can give us some free sheaths, since we're the first ones to greet you, hahahahaha!!!
just kidding.

Hmmm, gee that's a thought!

I'll get back to you on that....we'll do lunch? Check's in the mail? My lawyer will call your lawyer?

I thought it over, and you can see the process my mind goes through from the above!, and I guess I'll have to pass, but it was a thought, I'll give you that!

Special thanks to DannyC for being the first to congrat me! I am slowly winding down from the initial blast of the news, man it is really special to win something! I think I'll be giving one of the knives to one of my three daughters.

BTW take a peek in the Community Section for my listing of a Fathers 10 rules concerning dating his daughters.

take care

PS, Thanks again to Tom Walz, just wanted to make sure I said thanks again, I better sit down a while and close my eyes a bit till the room stops spinning!

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Hahahaha!! I was just kidding, Gary!
But really, you deserved that knife due to your unique reason! I mean, "Taloneena" ?? LOL!!!

Lunch would be fine! Though I would have to fly halfway across the world to do that.

Hey, remember, you OWE us a review of the knife once it gets there, okay?

Regards to your cute daughters! specially the youngest! she's really cute!
Reminds me of my daughter!

Oh yeah.. which reminds me... This contest was held not only at BFC, but also at KFC and the newsgroups, right?

Whoa.. Gary, your reason for winning the knife must've been something!
we're not just looking at 2,000 members here, but much much more!

Let us know once the room stops spinning.. hehehe!!!


I would really like to hear what you have to say about them both in comparison to each other, after you get them both and have had time to try them out a little.

I am especially curious about this talonite, whether it is all that it is hyped up to be.

You have three girls? I guess you need all the help you can get.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You'll love the Genesis folders and once you experience Talonite, I've no doubt you'll become a convert too!

All the best!

SharpCdn, yep 3 little weddings, with the oldest having her year this year, she will be 16 on July 16th, and my youngest also will have her year this year, 8 on Sept. 8th.

Need all the help I can get!


I'll work up a comparison when I get the two knives and see how it pans out, cutting similar stuff at the same time type thing, should be interesting! Hey Senator, getting a Talonite too! (he's got a real nice one from Kit Carson!)
Good things happen to good people and Gary Graley is the one of the best!

Congrats, bud, I am very happy for you!


G2 - congrats dude!!

Dexter Ewing
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Congrats to you Gary. Thanks for leaving my my contest failure record intact. I'd hate to lose out on being a loser.


Way to go Gary, let us know how you feel about the Talonite folder when you've had somme time with it. You lucky devil you.

Looks like we started a trend here at BF huh?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Way to go Gary! Feels great to win something, doesn't it?

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