Tamed my combo edge blade


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Mar 6, 2013


I had been carrying my combo edge Native the last few weeks around the house. I love to switch between smallish edc knives like an alox and then thicker handled knives for general housework like an Endura.

The Spyderco Native kinda fits nicely in between categories for me the same way that the BM 940 fits in being a slim carry full sized edc knife.

I always like to have a couple of combo edge knives around too as that is usually what I carry when I go on hikes and camping. But after having this CE Native for the last 4 years I felt like it would be more useful if I tamed the serrations.

So today I took a diamond rod and started to wear down the serrations, it only took about 15 minutes of light rubbing but the serrations are now in practicality a chisel/serration edge hybrid or much less aggressive serrated edge.

I went to the basement and grabbed some medium and the whole thing works fine on rough material and cordage, overall it glides over regular stuff like paper much easier now as well.

Going to edc this a bit more around the house and see how it does. I might experiment a little more and pick up another CE blade and take the CE completely down to just a chisel edge with an acute angle for kicks and giggles. Anyhow just wanted to share.