Tanto style fixed blades

Jul 19, 1999
Hi, I'm looking for a high quality tanto style fixed blade. I can't seem to find one with a plain edge and with a straight back or spine. All of the ones I've seen have a slight curve on the back (or shall I say top of the blade) which I don't prefer. Oh yeah, I like blades that are under 5". Can anyone guide me the right way? Thanks.
I make tantos email me your address and I will send you pic of my latest one
How much are you willing to pay? I just received my tanto from Bob Lum and it is the one of the finest fighters I own.
Hmmmm.... Around $160 max. I'll have to do some more research. One knife that did interest me is the Timberline Aviatior at www.knifecenter.com It looks really nice and is exactly what I want. I'll have to keep on shopping. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
Without going into my dislike of tantos or chisel-grinds, be forwarned that the Aviator is a chisel-ground knife, meaning that it is ground only on one side, like a carpenter's plane or chisel. You will find many carpentry tools with better edge geometry than this "knife," however - notice that its grind only extends about 1/4" of the width of the blade! My recommendations for a small tanto would have to start with "anything except the Aviator."

I'm feeling a little silly, actually. I made a knife that fit your specs almost exactly, but I liked it so much I recently used it in a blade-breaking experiment. Maybe I could offer you a folder? I dunno, to each his own, but please not the Aviator... these represent the peak of "prybar" thinking that has taken hold of the industry in recent years

-Drew Gleason
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