Tanto Tale

Apr 24, 2000
In another life, I was a trader in the So.Cal gunshow circuit (back when there were good shows). One day I managed to come across a really nice original CS Tanto.

I used that knife for everything under the sun - a list of tasks too long to bother with. About 10 years later, I was stranded out in the boonies with some guys on a badly planned deer hunting trip. At 3am an -10 degrees, I end up using the Tanto as an emergency splitting wedge with a 5# sledge. It worked for a good hour before the brass end on the tang came off.

We lived, and some 5 more years later I found the blade in a stored box. I'm planning a nice new grip for it. Blade's nice, with some obvious fileable dings from the desperate, freezing sledgehammering

Creative suggestions?