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Targets for cutting practice

Jan 2, 1999

What type of targets do you use for cutting practice? Is there anything out there that gives a realistic feel but doesn't take the edge off as quick as the old cardboard box?


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In the bad old days in Japan, they used prisoners, after the lord high executioner was through with them, for sword testing. Ugh! Nowadays, they use bundles of wet bamboo.

3-day old fish maybe?


Foam rubber.
Styrofoam cups.
Jimmy Dean sausage.
Actually most food items are good targets.
Softer items such as foam rubber will give a very good indication of how well a blade will cut, and/or how uniform the edge is.
I like the prisoner idea, wonder if King Billiam would do for a start.

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I like to use old catalogs myself. I have plenty of old Cabellas' and Summit racing catalogs that are pretty fun to whack on. I like to start slicing from the spine, and seeing how easily it cuts in half. Phone books are usefull too. They are a good backstop for throwing knives, and as an indoor air rifle backstop.


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