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Which Team are you on?

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My Mythical TG would be a Crusader Recurve LB/LE with black brain coral G-Rexed on black paper :D Now there's a dream
I don't know how to vote this one. I have a TGLB and I love it.....But even though I've never even held one the old school TG is "the one" Busse I've always wanted.
Forsaken all the way

It’s TG 14 for me !!!! Can’t say why, there’s just something about it :) Very close second is TGLB. Forsaken TG is next in line :)
Don’t have one...yet...but voted for the two i’d be most likely to buy...Forsaken is most tempting based on pics & specs...
want to join the tgp team but they a few and far between especially since I am currently following the no purchases only trade policy
TGLB certainly, it was my first Busse. I do like the Forsaken Gemini it does have a little more reach to keep the zombies at bay.