Teaser picture...

Nov 25, 2008
Here's a teaser pic that Nick sent of a knife of mine that should be done soon. I couldn't wait and had to post it!!

I'll post all the details and some more pictures when it gets here.

Wooow, again a new model???

Looks good! Keep us updated, please! :thumbup:
Looks like it is going to be a camp kitchen kinda knife. Nice! :thumbup:
Sweet! I love the Nessmuk sort of shape to it. that thing is gonna rock!
Man, that one looks really awesome! :thumbup:

Congrats on that beautiful piece of steel!
Congratulations to the great knife :thumbup:
What kind of steel is that ? O1 or D2 ?
Well, it ain't here yet. The mail is soooo slow. Anyways...
It's D2 steel, a full 6" cutting edge, orange G10 with 1/4" black G10 liners. Should be a sweet skinner for sure. It's the bid brother to this one I already own:

I got to try the knife out a little this fall.
A friend of mine shot his first buck:

It carved through the little buck like a hot knife through butter...kinda felt like I was cheating:

A couple weeks ago I killed this medium sized bull moose and gave the knife a real test:

Me, making meat:

Nicks knife was scary sharp all the way through the process, and I still haven’t sharpened it. I'm afraid I might mess it up! If it keeps up like this I won't have to worry about it for a few more animals. So far it's been awesome and has become my go to blade :D.
Went out this last weekend and found another job for the knife - Bull musk ox. The hair and hide on these things makes them a real challenge for skinning. I ended up touching up the blade near the end of the job with a ceramic stick. I'm not sure if it was getting harder to cut because of fatigue or the edge. Seemed to work like normal after though. When I get a chance at home I'm going to run it on the strop. I'm very happy with it. Seems to fit the bill for what I need a knife to do in this area. Enjoy the pics.

My buddy making meat after abandoning his Mora:

It's been pretty quiet on here lately. I just wanted to let folks know that I spoke to Nick the other day, he's alive and doing well :). I hope to have another sweet blade from him sometime this summer.:D

I'm pretty sure it's been posted before, but if someone wanted to get in contact with him, his email is nwahome15@yahoo.com.