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Oct 2, 1998
OK, maybe it's just me, but is anyone else out there basically forced to wear a pager and a (for me- a StarTac) cell phone? I carry the pager on the left (weak) side and the phone on the right. I find that the phone or pager obstructs access to the knife on my right pocket- more so in jeans than in my suit/tie. Having tried IWB and not liking the accessibility any better, anyone have other suggestions? The battle of technology (gotta keep the clients & customers happy) v. desire for unobstructed knife access has been bugging me of late. Assume more interest in utility than defense applications, although any ideas are welcome. Thanks for any reply.

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I noticed the same problem with jeans. Have you tried your back pockets? That seems to work for me. Other than that I try to wear pants with large/low front pockets to facilitate easier draw. Better yet, wear cargo pants and clip your knife to the lower side pockets.

Neck knives are an idea as well. They are perfect for the businessman type because they are completely hidden behind your tie. You can draw the knife though the front of the shirt between the buttons.

IWB (inside the waistband) carry is also an option, but not as fast as pocket carry, but a really large knife (CSVG) can be packed with little difficulty.

Have a custom maker build you a combination bowie/cell phone. If he's really good he can put a pager in the butt. If any of the makers you contact protest that this is "too difficult" or even "freakin' crazy," call him a small-minded coward and hang up in a huff.

I swear this works. If it didn't, my tactical TV remote/taser/OC canister with the Lab Rat blade could never have become a reality.

Before anyone asks, the answer is yes, I know this crap is weird, but it's very late and I'm trying not to start my next paper for awhile. Bye now.

You might want to try a Web search for "Pager Pal" holsters/sheaths. It is basically an IWB concealed carry system that works with a pager.



Carrying a pager and a cell phone... if you wear a suit jacket (any sort of jacket with an inside pocket you could go with a Nealy Knife and the MCS (multi-concealment sheath)... it has some "earth magnets" in it so that it will hang upside down.

I have one, wear a suit-coat and all I have to do to draw is reach across and grab the knife... my fastest drawing knife yet.

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I have this same problem...luckily we have casual dress here so what I end up doing is placing the knife in the watch/change pockets of my jeans. (It is the small pocket inside the right-hand pocket...used to just collect lint but now has a real purpose. Some dress pants have these pockets as well but they are much deeper in the pocket.) Cell phone goes on left side...knife in change pocket...and pager gets clipped in rightside pocket with clip out.
How about a tactical shoulder harness rig? You can just cut a hole in your shirt to provide acess
You could always slip a neck knife into your tie...tip up of course....
Maybe you could have a holster made that would carry both the phone and pager? A side by side so they are tied together, have the smaller of the two in front so the larger, probably the phone won't block it? I've made a double rig for a Swiss Army Tool and a Sure Fire flash light that works fairly well, then it would leave your other side open up to carry what you want. Of course you'll probably be called Batman with a utility belt, but Hey nothing's easy!


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I would go with a neck knife. You might even try the new neck sheath for the Military put out by Mike Sastre.
OTOH back pocket carry shouldn't be ruled out.

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Pager and cell phone??? Isn't that sort of redundant? I also know that the digital cell phones often have an alpha paging feature built into them. That would elliminate one piece of equipment. Casio makes a watch that contains a pager that is very popular in this area. I don't think it's on the market yet, but Sony has a watch that contains a cell phone. That would also cut back one piece. There's a lot of really small pagers these days that could go in a pocket or into a very small horizontal sheath. A few suggestions anyway.

Tim, (1:27 AM Huh, the Viagra must be working
) It's a matter of $$$$. Like Gollnick says, cell companies offer Alpha-numeric service, and some of the new phones are slightly larger than a pager, but they are pricey. I have been toying with the idea of using Kydex to fashion a holder for both my cell phone and my Leatherman. (Maybe a pill holder for the Viagra too
, us oldsters tend to *hang* together). I'm with you on the IWB carry, it just is downright uncomfortable for me. I carry a Benchmade 350 in my shirt pocket, but that fancy Krait of yours would be kind of heavy for that.