Tell me the good and bad about danner boots made in china.


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Jul 20, 2003
I might be trading for a pair of new danner boots that are made in china.

That's hard for me to deal with.
Since they are danners are they still built to danners high standards? Using American made components that are just shipped over to china to be put together?
Any other good or bad would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yeah the model I might be getting are the frontier extreme hunting boots.

Thanks in advance
Folks seem to prefer US made Danners. Never owned the brand but had excellent service life from my first of Rocky Boots WHEN they were made in Nelsonville, OH however their general quality reputation is now low and pretty sure imported..too bad, they had it going.

No longer a heavy boot user/wearer I buy Cabela's boot brands, all mine are imported, and I'm OK with that for the simple reason they mean their one word guarantee - ' GUARANTEED'.

Good luck with whatever your new boots turn out to be.
I have a pair of the 1000 gram Frontier boots. I wear a lot of Danner boots and they are all the high end Oregon made boots. I bought these because I only wear them on an extreme occasion and couldn't justify spending the extra money. Since they don't get worn more than a few weeks a year, they work fine.
I love Danner...have a couple issued to me. They are the US models though. I did not even know they were making them in China now. I will be checking future pairs now.
I did some consulting work for Danner, so been in their factory a few dozen times including the "VIP" tour of the plant. I'm no expect by any means but I do know that if your boot has a stitched sole then it is made in Oregon. If the sole/boot are vulcanized together than it is made overseas. The boot I wear everyday off duty is their vulcanized Radical series. I go through one pair every year and have for the last 10+ years. Yea, they made in China but they're good for everyday/street wear.

I did make the mistake once to wear a worn out pair of Radical's in the wild once - my feet got soaking now only wear the higher end boots.
If your only getting a year out of the china made danners, I don't think I wanna trade for em now.
Thanks for the help everybody
I wear Danner hiking boots every day I'm not in the office. I replace mine every two years but just for something new not that any have every worn out. My Pronghorns that I use for hunting have been going strong for three years now. I have no problem with the Danner's made in China but I can understand that others have strong feelings about that subject.

I bought a pair of Danner boots about 12-14 years ago at Cabela's in Kearney, NE (the first showroom store the company built) after my best friend stated that they were the makers of the military boots. Never warmed up to them, still wear my house brand boots I bought at JC Penney's in the mid 80's. Not a heavy wearer of boots, only when hunting and I get a lot of years out of them that way.
I have had one pair of their Journeyman boots that lasted me two years of HEAVY use. They were one of the made in China models. Very comfortable and far better than I expected. I'd still be wearing them except the local store that carries Danners no longer carries them except in the steel toe. Their (Danners) 453 GTX is one of the highest trated hiking boots around (Backpacker Gear Tests) and it too is one of their made in China models.
I wear Danner Acadia's at least 5 days a week. The two pair I alternate between now are about 4 years old and have been in the sandbox for a year. I'll be sending one pair back to the factory this summer for re-stitching and a new sole. That's why I wear them, they last. They are also the only combat boots I've ever worn that don't need breaking in. And in 27 years in the military I've tried dozens of brands.
The Danner Foremans I forget USA made last me 1 year. The China ones Quarry? last me 1-2 months before they leak and start to fall apart. They will take them back for 6 mo but imo they are junk compared to when they made them in the USA for the same price.
FWIW no boot will last an Ironworker more than a year. Without a rebuild a least. 8mo + is a good boot ime
I have had my Danner 453's for about a year now and they are really comfortable and they wear like iron. I was using them constantly for work at one point, now I have switched to some lighter footwear due to the heat here in Tejas. But I can not recommend Danner enough for a good quality pair of boots.
About shoes and boots being made in the USA those are few and far between I have had plenty of over seas made shoes and boots in fact I do not think that I have had one pair that was made on these shores and I have never been uncomfortable because they where made in China it might have been some other reason but not the country of manufacture.
I've been wearing Danners for years. The last pair I bought were the 453 GTX'S.
They were comfortable from the start. I wore them all the time, and only got a year out of the soles.
I was so disappointed I contacted Danner who said that they use a lighter rubber for the soles in their hiking boots, so they don't wear as long :mad:
The boots are still in good shape and never had any leaking problems though...

I can't remember which model they are, but I bought a pair of Danners for hunting about 10 years ago. They are the U.S made version and are great boots.

I have a couple friends who swear by Whites boots. One of these days I 'll try a pair
I guess Danner just doesn't take pride in there boots like they used to.
That's a shame.
I might be trading for a pair of new danner boots that are made in china.

That's hard for me to deal with.
Since they are danners are they still built to danners high standards? Using American made components that are just shipped over to china to be put together?
Any other good or bad would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yeah the model I might be getting are the frontier extreme hunting boots.

All I can say is "Don't burn the boots before you wear them"

Danner Boot Frontier Style For Big Game Hunting By Christopher Luck
Christopher Luck

If I were to get into hunting, what would the best boot be fore me? Most people would probably tell me that I should think about a Danner boot for sure, but there are so many. Turns out, though, that the Frontier Extreme may be the best Danner boot for anyone who is into big game hunting.
In 2003, Danner boots introduced their Frontier Extreme. The boot was specifically designed for big game hunting in the western United States. It is a 10 inch all leather boot that is made for harsh conditions that you may encounter when hunting deer, elk, bear, or even mountain lion in the western part of the country. There are several models within the Frontier collection of Danner boots, and each offers the comfort and durability needed for big game hunting in the west.
As with any Danner boot, the Frontier boots have stitch down construction. This trademark of Danner boots offers support and durability for the boot, helping it to hold up in harsh conditions. These boots also include a new sole. By combining a hard perimeter lug and soft inner lugs, the boots offer durability and great traction at the same time. It is the perfect sole for the harsh conditions in the wilds of the west. In addition, the tongue is padded and there is triple stitching in the upper so that those long days in the bush are easier on your feet.
This particular Danner boot offers full grain leather on the upper that is also waterproof and a full ten inches. The result is fantastic support. The weather out west can be unpredictably cold, wet, and harsh. This Danner boot takes that into account. By using a Gore-Tex liner and Thinsulate insulation in the boot, your feet will stay warm and dry in those tough Rocky Mountain or Plains conditions as you track that trophy.
Located in Portland, Oregon, the people who design Danner boots are familiar with the weather and terrain of the American west. They have a history of producing innovative, functional footwear. The Danner shoes and Danner boots are made with great attention to craftsmanship and quality. The Frontier collection of big game hunting boots is no exception. The full grain leather, extra support, water proofing, insulation, and attention to stitching detail will help big game hunters in the western United States to endure long days on tough terrain in harsh weather conditions.
Whether you are considering taking up hunting in the first place, are thinking of upgrading to big game, or are a veteran of big game hunting in the west, the boot you choose is going to make a big difference in your comfort and stamina in the field. No matter how long you look and how much you compare, you will find that the Danner boot Frontier Brands offer everything you need. The comfort, style, durability, and overall quality of the boots [] are just what you need over the long haul.

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The GTX II went to a cheaper plastic eyelet and they have broken on me twice in less than 6 months. Both pairs were replaced by store I bought from, but a $100+ boot should not have that problem.

Very comfortable though