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Discussion in 'For Sale: Custom Knives (Individual)' started by Victorian Squid, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Victorian Squid

    Victorian Squid Gold Member Gold Member

    May 9, 2017
    PayPal has randomly revoked my account, so these knives are withdrawn until I resolve the issue or find a suitable form of payment that offers protection for the buyer. Pretty sure I don't want to use PP any longer, I just want to get my money they're holding (apparently they call it their money) deposited first.


    • CMF Metalworks Crusade V1
    • Mike Nguyen Galileo
    • Larevo Knives Laterus
    • NCC Knives Mk-1s
    • Les Voorhies Medium Simplex

    South Africa

    • JDVD Kenpachi

    Czech Republic

    • TK Knives Juggernaut

    No Trades at this time, thanks!

    All knives come with COA, cards, or whatever came new unless otherwise stated. All knives are LNIB unless stated otherwise, one reason they’re up for sale. Feel free to ask any questions. I've done my best to post high quality photos and video of action when possible.

    Rules of engagement:
    First “I’ll take it” followed up with a PM gets the knife. I get email notifications with PM's (in theory), I don't check the threads often. This sale is cross posted, so getting my attention first helps!

    PayPal Goods & Services. Price listed is total cost to you!

    Cost includes insured priority USPS shipping to CONUS. You'll be required to sign for the package. If you’re outside the CONUS let me know before you buy so I can work with you regarding shipping.


    Ideally you have some feedback on Blade Forums and are at least a Gold member so you can send/receive PM's. You must have a valid Pay Pal Address in the CONUS.

    You must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of the USA and are responsible for compliance with any state or local knife laws. Seller holds no responsibility for self-inflicted wounds or other dangerous/stupid behavior.

    Thank you for looking!


    CMF Metalworks V1 Crusade Mint $OLD, thanks!
    Nichols San Mai, hyperdrive black timascus show scale & clip
    Immaculate build quality and action that has made Ian one of the most in-demand makers of 2019.This is a stunner. Perfect action, beautiful grind.
    [click for pictures] [action]

    Mike Nguyen Galileo – slim version Mint Withdrawn
    Norris San Mai blade, clip & backspacer, Blackwood CF and eggshell finished Ti

    This knife is 100% hand made with the perfection of a CNC build. Recent build. The action is superb and construction absolutely flawless. I asked Mike to build this to be slimmer than his previous work, and I think he's doing more of it now.
    [click for pictures] [action]

    NCC Knives Mk-1s Near Mint Withdrawn
    Damascus with blackwood CF insert

    Super rare and unusual version of this knife knife that Nick had made for himself. It actually went into a drawer because he started the micro series, and was carrying that. He eventually auctioned this one off, I'm the third owner and had it the longest. This is pure perfection in a CNC knife and a perfect EDC size.
    [click for pictures] [action]

    Larevo Knives Laterus Mint Withdrawn
    Norris Damascus blade & clip, copper strike CF, hand-tooled copper back spacer, copper pivot (yes), orange peel anodized Ti.

    Beautiful and unusual bolster lock knife by Jason, and the action, fit and finish is everything you’d expect from this knifemaker. I picked this one up from Blade Show 2018.
    [click for pictures] [action]

    Les Voorhies Simplex Mint Withdrawn
    3.75" hand rubbed S35VN, silver tweed inlayed in marbled CF

    Faisal Yamin design, this knife is bigger than it looks. Action is superb for such a heavy blade, it has serious thwack. Feels great in hand if you like them large. Very small amount of detent play can be detected. Otherwise cosmetics, lockup, centering etc. all perfect. Only came with a cardboard box but I'm throwing in a nice plush zippered taco. Get an incredible custom for about the cost of a Reate!
    [click for pictures] [action]

    JD Van Deventer Knives Kenpachi Excellent Withdrawn
    Hand rubbed, mirror flat N690, CF, anodized liners, ti back spacer

    This is the knife that started me down the South African path. The action and build are wonderful. It might look a little quirky to some, but feels awesome in hand and is an absolute joy to play with. The only noticeable wear on this knife is some slight scuffing/snail trails on the clip. #ohjd!
    [click for pictures] [action]

    TK Knives Juggernaut Very Good Withdrawn
    N690, titanium

    Incredibly thin behind the edge, this is a slicing beast. These guys build a purpose-driven knife, reminding me a lot of Mike Gavak. 100% handbuilt knife from the Czech republic, quirky but purpose driven. Some slight scuffing/snail trails on clip. Wonderful knife.
    [click for pictures] [action] [review]

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  2. Lance Leon

    Lance Leon Gold Member Gold Member

    May 3, 2017
    Interested in the MK1-S. Sending you a DM.
  3. birdave

    birdave Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 13, 2011
    Message sent about Voorhies Simplex, thanks.

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