Tenifer coated blades ?

Sep 22, 2000
Is anyone making any knives that are coated with Tenifer, like Glocks are ?
It would seem this would be an ideal coating, as it pretty much rust proofs the metal, bonds with the metal , and looks good also.

I have not heard of any knives being tenifer-treated. I am under the impression that the tenifer treatment for Glocks results in some pretty NASTY by products. With the result being that tenifer treating cannot be done in the United States, due to EPA regs.
Now, i have no idea if any makers from other countries tenifer-treat, but I have not heard of it.

Yep rock is right, the tenifer treatment process is a very toxic one and the U.S. EPA will not allow it on U.S. soil. As far as it "looking good".....well lol, the black finish on glock pistols is NOT the tenifer. The tenifer is applied to the metal before the black. The black finish is one of those black finishes. So your tenifer is not wearing off if you start to get shiny spots on your Glock. The finish itself has a hardness thats near diamond hard I can't recall how deeply it penetrates the steel but, like I said you can't wear it off.
Yes, the black is the phosphate. The shiny tenifer that molecularly bonds with the metal
would be ideal for a knife blade coating, in my opinion. But yes, I had heard that the tenifer process was bad for the environment, but I seriously doubt it's any worse than some of the other crap were polluting with here in the US. The only real difference being that the Tenifer process isn't here already, while the other crap is....