Terroristic threats and khukuris

Jun 9, 1999
I had one of my first dealings with a truly insane person last night. While my brother and Dad were hunting on our next door neighbor's land yesterday, they happened to notice that a strange car was parked at the far end of one of the fields. Since our neighbor, an 81 year old widow, has repeatedly requested that we help to keep unauthoried people off of that property, my Dad decided to investigate a little. All he asked hunter was who he was, and that set the hunter off pretty bad. At that time he was just rude, but as it turned out the confrontation wasn't over just yet.

Fast forward about five hours. Mom, Dad and I are sitting at home when the phone rings. Mom answers, and when she asks who it is, the man identified himself as the same person whom Dad and Keith had encountered earlier on the hilltop. He asked for my Dad, so Mom gave him the phone and stayed on the line so she could listen in. The guy then proceeded to threaten Dad's life for about three minutes straight. Understandably concerned, Mom and Dad called the police and an officer came over to the house so we could file a complaint.

By the time it was all said and done, we decided to press charges on the guy. Mom remembered him from high school, and from her recollection of his personality he's a coward. Unfortunately, we have several horses and a dog who could bear the brunt of his aggression since he isn't likely to challenge any of us personally. Now comes the good part. No one in my family has a particularly timid personality. Our system of home defense consists of a 12 gauge shotgun and a 130 lb. Great Dane. So while we weren't cowering in fear from the threat, we weren't we taking it too lightly either. Last night Dad slept with the 12 gauge under the bed, Mom had her .25 caliber in its usual spot, my brother had his 12 gauge and my 15" villager in his room, I had my 19" Gelbu Special and meter long heavy cane sitting by my bed, and the dog slept in my parents' room as usual. Several times during his threat the wacko told Dad, "You don't know who you're messing with." I think he had it backwards. HE doesn't know who he's messing with. Just thought that you might appreciate hearing about how my khuks helped me sleep a little better last night. Thanks for the peace of mind Uncle Bill.


Glad no one in your family was hurt by this guy! Isn't it disgusting how so many people these days who don't have enough guts to say things to your face, resort to "terrorist" tactics like the little S**T you guys ran into. I think he's a lucky man that he DIDN'T walk into that house: dog bites, 12 guage blasts interspersed with .25 caliber slugs and/or losing a limb to a Gelbu special, can all ruin your day really fast
. At any rate glad to hear that your Dad was wise enough to let the cops handle the guy, people like that aren't often deterred by encountering armed homeowners like a rational person would be.
Great story!
People like that have been too much influenced by our violent entertainment media and our over-lenient court system. It gives them uncontrolled mouth-arhea.
I had a guy try to harass me on the phone once. I told him that I had a 13-inch bowie knife and a friend in the phone office, and that if he called again, I'd have his address. He didn't call back. I don't know if the threat of a khuk would be as effective, since every dumb dink in the world knows what a bowie is, but only exceptionally brilliant and gifted individuals know about khukhuris


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Hi Roadrunner.

Threats like that are never pleasant stuff. Have you tried posting your message in the forum for tactics & training. It has several good forums for the discussion of this topic.

Take care.


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MauiRob, to tell the truth we aren't too afraid of him trying to hurt one of those, although the potential certainly is there. We're more worried about our horses getting shot or the dog getting poisoned, something that a coward like this would do. All I know is that he had better not show his face around here.

Uncle Bill, you sure are right about the overload of crazies nowadays! Not only do we have this nut running around, there's a person who hangs out in the gravel pits where my brother and I ride who attacked my brother and his friend while they were riding not long ago. He's the reason that I absolutely will not ride there without at least having my Ka-Bar with me.

gunhou, I can't say for sure that my reaction to such a call wouldn't have been a lot like yours. Dad's a little more level-headed though, and since the main danger isn't as much at us as at our property, having the incident on record is more helpful in case something does happen.

That's a good idea Seax, I'm sure they'll appreciate the story as well.

Thanks for your replies everyone. Now I'm off for another restfull nights sleep.