Terzuola ATCF and Large Sebenza....

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Mar 2, 1999
Don't own the Terzuloa, though I wish I did, it is a nice knife and very sharp, handles nice and locks up solid. I have this in for a fit up and thought I'd share a pic comparison of it and my Sebenza....

<center><A HREF="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1378321&a=10902172&p=37764505&Sequence=0&res=high" TARGET=_blank>

Anyone else own one of these? or Both?

ps...first time for me to do the thumbnail thingy....Thanks Gus K. for the lesson!!

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Nice pics, Gary. Thanks.

Boy, I sure hope this doesn't lead to a bunch of folks slamming Mr. Terzuola for making knives that have poor handle ergonomics and are ugly.

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Thanks, it took a while to get that thumbnail thingy down, the software kept putting extra stuff in after I was done for some reason, but thanks to Gus and his Thumbnail practice post I'm a changed man and will try and keep things easier to open up....!

Both knives feel good in the hand but that BobT knife really impressed me! It belongs to Win Heger by the way, nice guy too, gee Win, might take a while to get this one done...


I own two of Mr Terzoula's folders. They are awesome. The first one is a TTF3 with a reverse tanto blade and blue Ti handles. The second is a all dress ATCF with damascus blade and bolsters and cocobolo handles. They are awesome knives. Oh yeah I got a large Benza too.


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I did own a large Sebenza but worked out a trade for a Terzoula ATCF. I think the ATCF is the coolest knife I have ever owned. The opening is incredibly smooth and since mine is G-10 with a single titanium liner, it is very light also. The blade style reminds me a great deal of the Terzoula designed Spyderco Starmate and as such, it probably is not as good a hunting blade as the Sebenza, but I don't hunt so I don't care. The blade, however, is razor sharp and quite capable of taking on heavy work around the house. As for the handle shape, I find it extremely ergonomic. I can hold this knife for hours and not get tired. I can see someone prefering a Sebenza to the ATCF on account of the integral lock's sheer strength, but the fit and finish of the Terzoula is equal, if not superior to the Sebenza, and the action is much smoother. The only thing that keeps my ATCF from being my absolute favorite EDC piece is its size, and to a certain extent, its cost. I am not well enough to do to feel free to push a knife that costs as much as my ATCF all the way to the limit.
Hi Gary,
I've had a Terzuola ATCF in my pocket since Nov.1999 when I got it. I use it pretty much everyday at work and at home. I own a bunch of custom folders but this is my everyday carry. The lock is rock solid, the blade holds an edge like forever and only takes a few minutes with sharpmaker to restore.The fit and finish are perfect, and it is a great looking knife. The only problem I had was that Bob T. only installs clips in the tip up position. We discussed this and he feels this is where it belongs(which as a custom maker, he has a right to do). But being of a stubborn nature, I asked my friend Darrell Ralph to look at it. He installed a customized clip on the bolster end using the screw holes that were already there, making this a one of a kind! It's really a great looking knife and I love the blade shape. In fact, anytime I think I'm getting tired of it, I just take it out, open it, and just fall in love with it all over again.
I don't own a Sebenza, but have handled quite a few. It's a nice knife, but for me it doesn't compare to a Terzuola.
Here she is:

and here's the clip side:

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Hanging around G2 is both informative and expensive. I have many custom knives come and go but my favorite carry knife has been a Bob T. TTF6 in G10. Maybe 6 years. Gary
renewed the knifes edge for me. Great cutter.

I've owned an ATCF for years but it has Bob's
Anniversary Gold plug in it. I found this one on the Forum (Thanks Derek) and being a
lefty decided to have G2 do a sheath, clip
removed. Now I'll carry two Terzoulsas and a
Lamey fixed blade, when needed.

Get a Bob T. if you can. I've not owned a
Sebbie but Bob's knives and service are first class. I still like a handmade/custom if I'm spending $300+.

I own a "heavy duty" version of the ATCF. It has a full back spacer and raised CF handles with Ti bolsters. The knife just melts in your hand and is a timeless design.

I've owned 3 large Sebenzas and while excellent folders, aren't in the same league as the ATCF.

I've had my ATCF for over a year and the lock is rock solid with NO blade play in any direction (and I'm a real stickler about lockup). You can get a Ti ATCF for just over 400 bucks, and a large plain Sebbie is up to what, 345.00? Hmmm...

BTW, I still love my Sebenzas.

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Does your ATCF have a liner lock or an integral/frame lock? Thanks.

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What are the price differnces for the two knives shown in the above pic? I paid just under $300 for my NIB large plain Benza. What does the ATCF sell for?

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I don't whether it's an option or not. That's what I'm wondering myself.

Take a look at Les Robertson's site. He has prices listed for quite a few of Bob's folders.

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Well the one pictured of Win's is liner lock and very secure!
So smooth to open, and one thing I really like is it has a strong detent when closed, closes with authority as well as it locks open....man I just can't afford another knife!


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I believe all are Liner Locks. As to price I picked this ATCF up for $350.00 on the Forum.
Keep your eyes open these are great blades at
a great price. Even from Bob direct the price
is fair.

The last owner sent this back to Mr T for refinishing, he told me quick turnaround and the knife shows new. $10.00 I believe, can't
beat that!!

Today I saw one of Mr Terzoula's folders that is owned by a fellow forumite (Ron), saw him at the coffee shop we both frequent on Sat. am. This one had mokume bolsters, golden micarta scales and an ATS-34 blade. It looked similar to a Starmate, but the blade was a bit slimmer. This is one very nice knife, Ron let me fondle for a bit, big mistake for me! Now I have 3 different folders I have to put on my list; which one first, that is the question! I think one of these might have jumped up in line!!

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Joe Talmadge:
To my knowledge, Bob T doesn't make frame locks. If he did, you could sign me up for one!


And me right after Joe!

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