Terzuola or Lightfoot?


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Dec 25, 1998
I am going to buy my first custom knife. I am leaning towards a Terzuola ATCF or a Lightfoot Magnum Tanto. I want a tough knife and I lean towards heavy folders. My question is this: Which is the better knife? Or are there any more suggestions for different knives?
Kit Carson makes some really nice knives. Give his work a look before you make up your mind.

Shootist16 - if it's a heavy folder you're after, go with the Lightfoot. His 460 Magnum tanto is heavier than the Terzuola ATCF. Give the Lightfoot a good look. You'll be glad you did!

Dexter Ewing
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I'd like to second the recommendation to look at Kit Carson's work.

Kit is almost finished with a Model 4 for me, and the pix he has sent me during its development indicate a truly outstanding knife is soon to be mine.

I couldn't be happier.


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I have a Lightfoot 460 Magnum with the spearpoint shaped blade chisel ground. Talk about a heavy duty folder with excellent craftsmanship
. Materials are top notch, design is sophisticated yet built like a tank... highly recommend it for what you say you are looking for.

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BG-42 may be better than ATS-34, but ultimatley, the end product is dependent on the skills of the knife maker - how he heat treats the steel, grinds or forges the blade, and finishes the blade.

For example, an ATS -34 blade by Terzuola is guaranteeed to be superior to one made by Kershaw.
I own one and have played with the other, both are fine knives. You should play with 'em a bit yourself and decide what you're gonna use 'em for. Buying the Lightfoot for its chisel grind and extra-heavy build might be just the thing for you. Or you, like me, might decide that it's just too heavy for an everyday carry knife, I'd rather have more belly instead of a true spear point, and I'll take a v-grind over a chisel any day; that meant the Terzuola for me, hands down. Heavier isn't necessarily better -- unless what you're after is a heavy knife. They're both well-made, so it's up to you what you want.