Terzuola Tactical Folder

Jul 26, 1999
Anyone have a Terzuola ATCF. How much are they and how long of a wait to get one. Most importantly do you like it?
I have the titanium and it is one of my favorite knives.I did not wait I just called Les Robertson and had one 2 days later.
I've had one for about a year now. I purchased it from Skylands Cutlery, who stocked them at the time, probably still does. It was $500.
I carried it for a while. All in all, it's an outstandading knife! My only complaint is about the clip. Mine has the G-10 handles and I accidentally brushed into something that caused the clip to rotate and cut into the handle material. I tightened the clip, but I somehow feel cheated that I spent so much for a custom folder, and scarring it in such a mundane manner.

Is it worth the $500 I paid? Probably not, but it was just one of those knives I had to have.
I have a ti-bolstered model w/ G-10 scales and it is one of my daily carries.Is it worth it,well that depends on the person.To me yes.As far as getting one try one of the following people:
Les at www.robertsoncustomcutlery.com
Jay at www.arizonacustomknives.com
Travis at www.redcanyonknives.com

All are great people to deal with.Got mine fron Travis.

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That knife is outstanding, I have the 3.5" version. Only complaint is the liner lock, the liner sticks above the scales a touch, and is definitely vulnerable to white knuckling. Numerous people who owned Terzuola folders all noticed the same thing on their knives a year ago, and Terzuola himself came on the forum to acknowledge the problem. I believe he's fixed it in newer knives. Just ask your dealer to check it out for you first, and tell him you'll promptly return the knife if there's any problem with white knuckling the lock. Other than that one problem, the knife is outstanding from top to bottom.


I've always been curious about his knives. I don't know much about them but they seem to be kinda expensive for a basic cutom tactical folder.

It's a great knife. Very well made. I like the large titanium. It's cheaper to buy direct from Bob. Call him and arrange to buy one at knife show.