Terzuola TTF6 or the Small Sebanza?

Dec 18, 1998
I want a super cool pocket knife with around a 3 inch blade. I know the small sebanza is super cool.

How about the Terzuola TTF6. It's in my size range.

I am looking for a knife to bring to the office that has a tactical look and feel. One the when I whip it out people will think ooh that's a knife but not think I'm a freak.

It will be used for letters, occasional boxes and hangnails.

Any other suggestions or comments on the TTF6 would be appreciated.

Also does Bob Terzuola make other 3" tactical folders? If so, any leads on purveyors, models or pics?

Big Dave

Hope its o.k. to blow someone elses horn here, but if you're interested in some of Bob's other small tactical, and dress tactical folders, go look at the Arizona Custom Knives web site.

Last time I looked they had about a dozen different Terzoula's in stock, with pictures, and at least half were smaller models. I don't remember the model #s offhand, but there are several othters that have the blade length you are looking for, and some have fossil ivory, or other overlays and engraving the make them look even less like a tactical.

You also might check out Brian Tighe. He makes several smaller tacticals that are very distinctive looking and well made

hope this helps
Hi Mel. (I had to find out who the Madpoet was.)

A Brian Tighe is in the running! I like the Tighe Tac 3. They look very cool. I wonder about that wharncliffe blade. It doesn't look as tactical but may be more useful for office chores?



For office type chores, that wharncliffe actually works real well. If I had to use it for everything, I might want something with a little belly to the blade, but for that niche, it fits right in. Right now I've got an little Case wharncliffe whittler that I'm carrying for box opening duties and the like, to supplement a small sheath knife.
For a long time when I used to work in an office/business, I carried a Joel Chamblin small tactical wharncliffe blade. You might want to go back and look at that one too. Very comfortable handle, and a thin, tapered blade that cuts real well. I like it even a bit more than the Tighe, and actually a lot more than the Terzoula's which I think are a little boxy and thick bladed for this kind of use.

Well this is a no brainer choice. Quality, versus quality, versus quality, well maybe the choice is not so easy. Pick the one you like the looks of the best, since the quality in all of them is tops.
Mel & Cobalt:

The Joel Chamblin is nice too.

I added up the cost of all the knives I purchased in the last few months. OH SHIX!

I was just getting into it a few months ago and bought everything that I thought I would like. Now the majority of knifes that I have I want to get rid of. (Personality Flaw)

Now I need to get in the trade / sell forum.

At this point I need to practice some self control before I really get out of hand with one of those high ticket item.

They are all awesome. But, damn- self control, self control, self control. If I were to get one in the next few weeks it would be the Benza due to the cost. Self Control.........

Thanks for your input though.